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Couple at the Beach

I thought it might be fun for you to meet Rose and Tanner today (at least the visuals that inspired their characters).

beautiful girl in the dress of the bride from the back on the st

Back when we were choosing images for the covers, I saw this one and it made me think of a girl who perhaps might like vintage things, at least romantic things. I liked the idea of Rose being someone who surrounded herself with treasures from yesterday, who cherished the little things many people take for granted. I wanted her to be a girl who takes time to smell the roses.

So I looked to Annalynne McCord for my visual inspiration for Rose (in addition to the cover shot).

Image result for annalynne mccord

It was just so easy to picture her as Rose.

Image result for annalynne mccord

She’s got the hair, the eyes, the smile…

Image result for annalynne mccord

and the beauty. Yep, she really made such a perfect Rose.

Tanner needed to be someone with a little ruggedness around the edges, but a sweet guy.

Steve Lund

I chose Steve Lund.

Image result for steve lund

He looks exactly how I envision Tanner. Strong yet kind.

Image result for steve lund

And really hunky.

You can find many of the visuals that inspired parts of the story on my Pinterest board, including some of Rose’s outfits, Goonies info, and some fun beach wedding ideas!

And while you’re looking through the images, listen to this song… it was the one I listened to while I was writing the story:

Places I’ve Never Been by Mark Wills


You can find Rose on Amazon:

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