Rose Gloves

I love roses.

Anyone who knows me at all, even a little bit, probably knows that fact. It really isn’t a secret.

I also love roses growing in my garden. Captain Cavedweller does not. So it is my sole responsibility to take care of the roses. He will water them on occasion, but when it comes to getting close enough to touch them or be snagged by the thorns, he stays far, far away. I am the one who looks like I’ve wrestled a bob cat anytime the roses must be tended or trimmed.

So the other day, Captain Cavedweller bought me some gloves.

Not just any gloves, mind you, but rose trimming gloves.

They are lavender leather and lovely and have extra long coverings that go nearly up to my elbow.

The bright pink stitching on them makes them even more girlie – an added bonus.


The sweet rose embellishments on the back nearly threw me for a loop.


The roses on each finger tip completely made me melt in a puddle. I’m a done-gone-goner.

She Who Loves, Loves, Loves These Gloves – and Captain Cavedweller


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