Sadie Excerpt

With Sadie releasing in a few weeks, I thought you might enjoy a little excerpt. This is from the very beginning of the story.


“I’m not gonna kiss you.” Harley John Hobbs smiled down at the girl he loved, drinking in every detail of her face. Thick eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings above her smooth, pink cheeks. A short nose tipped slightly upward on the end while her full lips formed a sultry though unpracticed pout resting in their natural state. A state that drove him to distraction every time his gaze fixated on them, leaving his mouth so dry he could hardly swallow.

If that wasn’t trying enough to a young man doing his best to behave like a gentleman, sunlight glistened across her glossy brown hair, creating tempting crimson highlights as bright and deep as a robin’s breast in spring. Tenderly, he brushed a wayward tendril behind her ear then cupped her stubborn chin, adorned with the slightest cleft right in the center. “I’m not gonna kiss you the way I want to, Sadie. Not today. I won’t kiss you like that until I can kiss you forever.”

Sadie Thorsen grinned in the saucy manner he adored. “And just how do you think you’re going to kiss me, Mr. Hobbs? Hmm?” Her head tilted to the right, drawing his attention from her desirable mouth to her long, slender neck. He wondered what she’d do if he pressed a kiss to the silky skin glowing golden in the waning summer light.

“I don’t recall giving your lips permission to waltz with mine,” she said in a warning tone undermined by her wide smile and the mirth shimmering in her magnificent molasses-hued eyes. Those eyes had practically been begging for a kiss for the past quarter hour, and he desperately wanted to oblige her, but he felt compelled to show a modicum of restraint.

He chuckled and drew Sadie closer to him. “Here I thought I had a standing invitation to kiss you anytime the notion settled over me.”


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