Savvy Summer Entertaining Cover

I’ve got another Savvy Entertaining book ready to roll out, so I thought I’d share the cover details with you today.

Aren’t you so excited?


I knew I wanted this cover to have a similar look and feel to the previous two ebooks in this series, so I looked for a piece of artwork that I could split. I liked the colors and patterns in the one above.

Next, I had to come up with a photo for the cover. Something that said “Summer!” and tied into the color scheme of the graphic.

I decided to use my Grenadine Sunrise recipe. It is colorful, lovely and practically screams “Summer Has Arrived.”

Isn’t it pretty? And so easy to make, too! The recipe will be in the book. I promise!

Using the same font for the title I used on the other two books made that selection simple. The font is Coronet, by the way.

To pull it all together, I added a white box with feathered edges beneath the photo.

All done, it looks like this:

You can download this book for free here, or find it on Amazon and Smashwords. It will soon be available on Barnes & Noble as well!

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