Scrambled Popsicles

Last night for dinner we had frozen eggs and scrambled popsicles.


I mean scrambled eggs and frozen popsicles.

See, between washing all of Captain Cavedwellers winter wear and the heat that is suffocating me in our air-conditioner-less house, I can’t think straight. Or sideways. Or any other way.

So last night for dinner, after slowly melting into a mass of overheated sluggishness, Captain Cavedweller decided to whip together some dinner. Seriously, we ate eggs and popsicles. And then had seconds on popsicles.

Since I am incapable of stringing together my thoughts long enough to take photos and post a recipe, I will direct you to a recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s website.

For some reason, it is the only thing that sounds even remotely appealing today.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

She Who Must Buy a Watermelon Today

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