Self-Publishing Update

You know a few weeks ago when I wrote a post about patience and my lack thereof?

Things have gotten worse instead of better. As in I still have no patience. As in I’m impatient with my impatience.

So it has been just six weeks ago that I published my short story and three novels. Although they aren’t selling like gangbusters or rocketing up any bestsellers lists, they are selling. And for that I am beyond grateful.

Self-publishing also means self-promoting. It isn’t easy. A lot of the time it isn’t that much fun. It is time consuming. It makes me think. And sigh. And feel challenged. And impatient.

But I think it is worth it.

If I didn’t have a marketing background and some experience to draw from, I might be highly discouraged. Knowing what I do know is that nothing happens over night, awareness takes time and it is up to me to do something everyday that helps sell my books.

And I’m okay with that.

So for anyone out there struggling to self-promote your books or business, hang in there. Don’t give up. Give yourself some grace. Enjoy the journey instead of being laser focused on the destination.

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