Selling books internationally

Yesterday I sold my very first book in the UK.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much excitement that generated. Not only for me, but Captain Cavedweller was plenty pleased for me as well.

Selling my books online only has provided a few challenges. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “where can I buy a print copy?” Right now, the answer is “you can’t.” I don’t know yet if that answer might change in the future, but for now making my books available digitally is what makes sense for me.

It is through the wonderful program Amazon offers with Kindle that my books are available in the UK. It didn’t cost me anything to put them out there.

For a new author trying to break into this whole writing business, I have to say Amazon makes it pretty simple and affordable to get started. I am extremely grateful for that. For the opportunity to put my books out there, to see a dream become reality. To sell a book to a person far across the ocean and hope it touches their heart in some way.

Isn’t that why we write?

To tell our stories.

To share a bit of our hearts with others in the hopes it touches their heart as well.

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