Sentimental Reasons

wallpaper butterfly

The last few days, I’ve started my annual “cleaning of the drawers.”

(And I’m not talking about underwear.)

Once a year, I try to clean out every single drawer, cupboard, storage bin and hidden nook or cranny to get rid of the stuff we don’t use and make room for whatever fun new things will come to us in the new year.

Last night, I pulled open a drawer and found this butterfly. The seed pearls had come unglued from around the edge and I had honestly forgotten I even had it.

As I started to toss it, I happened to read the back of it and stopped. A flood of memories came back — it was a few weeks before CC and I were to wed. My aunt and cousin decided to host a big bridal shower for all the couples in our family and it turned into a really fun potluck evening with my grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many members of CCs family, too.

Of course, I was nervous at having all our family together for the first time, but since we lived in a small town, most of them knew each other anyway!

The gift my aunt gave me had this butterfly (made of wallpaper, pearls and ribbon) attached to the top. On the back, it has the date of the shower and a sweet message from my aunt.

Despite my interest in clearing out the clutter in my world, I sat down and glued the pearls back on. Today, I think I’ll find somewhere special to hang my butterfly.  Sometimes hanging on to those things that bring out wonderful memories and warm feelings is so much more important than having a super-orderly drawer.

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