The first time I read a Cathy Marie Hake book I was hooked. I love her characters, her way of spinning the tale and throwing in just enough drama that you keep turning pages to see what happens next.

Captain Cavedweller gave me her book Whirlwind, which ended up being book three in her series set in Gooding, Texas.

I had to go back and start at the beginning of the series with Fancy Pants, then Forevermore.  Following Whirlwind, you’ll want to read That Certain Spark.

Then check out Serendipity – the latest novel in the series. If the name or the great cover isn’t enough to draw you in, then check out the book description. It really is worth your time to read.

Take a cantankerous mother, a farmer who needs help and a lovely woman who has spirit and generosity to spare and combine in a small cabin. It makes for a very interesting and fun story.

Maggie Rose is a skilled healer and sweet-spirited woman who runs her own business in Carver’s Hollow, Arkansas. Todd Valmer has gone east to get his mother and she has a stroke while on the train ride home. They are put off the train  in Carver’s Hollow and end up on Maggie’s doorstep. It doesn’t take Todd long to realize that Maggie would be a great nurse to his mother, but also a great farm wife. He proposes, she accepts and the adventure really begins.

This is a sweet Christian-themed story that just makes a nice read. Spend some time getting to know the good folks of Gooding, Texas. You’ll be glad you did!

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