Share a Scene: The Cowboy’s Spring Romance

It’s Share a Scene Saturday where I share a scene from one of my books. Today’s spotlight is on The Cowboy’s Spring Romance.

It’s part of the Spring Into Romance sweet romance set that includes Taste of Tara – another spring-themed sweet romance! And guess what? The book is on sale for just 99 cents today!

They arrived on time at school, but Trent had to carry the treats to the classroom. Relieved yet disappointed when he discovered it was empty, he set the cookies on Lindsay’s desk then helped Cass take off her coat and trappings. Excited, she showed him the art project she’d been working on the previous day.

“You did great. I like your choice of colors.” He patted her little shoulder encouragingly then turned to leave. His gaze clashed with Lindsay’s as she stood at the doorway, watching him.

“Morning, Miss Pierce,” he said, tipping his hat to her. “Cady said today is Cass’ turn for treats. They’re on your desk.”

“Oh, thanks,” Lindsay said, glancing at the box on her desk.

“You’re welcome. I guess I owe you a big thanks, too,” Trent said.

“For what?” Lindsay couldn’t think of a thing she’d done to earn the tall cowboy’s thanks.

“For getting me in trouble with Cady for one thing,” he said, lifting an eyebrow her direction.

“Sorry,” Lindsay said, a warm sparkle lighting her eyes. “But you have to admit that outfit yesterday was beyond description.”

“Maybe,” Trent said with a crooked grin. “I guess I should thank you for something else, too.”

“What’s that?”

“For not stripping me naked in front of the whole school. I appreciate you stopping at just the coat,” Trent teased, then tipped his hat and walked out the door.

Heat seared her cheeks as Lindsay watched him saunter out the door, his long legs encased in snug Wranglers. Uncertain whether to laugh, scream, or cry at his comments, she released a long breath then smiled at Cass when the little girl tugged on her hand.

“Miss Lindsay, I read all my words and I talked to Mama and …” Lindsay’s thoughts wandered to the cowboy who made her blush like a schoolgirl instead of keeping focused on the chatter of Cass right up until she said, “and Uncle Trent loves you.”

Flabbergasted, Lindsay blinked twice, sure she’d misunderstood the child. “What did you say, Cass?”

“Uncle Trent loves you. He loves my mama and my daddy and Uncle Travis and my grammy and me. He said so. Do you love him too?”

Lindsay nearly choked. Cass obviously misconstrued what Trent meant. But it gave her some ammunition to fire back at Trent the next time she saw him. How dare he tease her like that and then walk off, casual as you please.

She certainly hoped he knew she didn’t make it a habit of baring the chests of the men who brought students to her classroom. She was just trying to be helpful and properly snap his coat. Why couldn’t he drop Cass off outside like most parents did and be on his merry way?

Lindsay was saved from answering Cass’ question when the morning bell rang and happy little faces began filling her room.

Distracted all morning, the more Lindsay thought about Trent’s parting comment, the more her anger boiled. By the time the bell rang at noon, she was ready to do battle. Asking Cass to let her walk her out, they waited until the rest of the students left the room. Once it was empty, Lindsay helped the little girl on with her coat, handed Cass her backpack and took her hand, walking her outside.

After spending all morning coming up with the perfect words to put one smug Trent Thompson in his place, she was thoroughly disappointed to see Travis waiting for Cass.

“Hi, Uncle Travis,” Cass yelled, waving her hand wildly at her uncle.

“Hey, kiddo, let’s go. I’m supposed to feed you lunch then get you back home,” Travis said, watching Lindsay approach. When she stopped next to the pickup door, Travis wondered what was going on. Trent returned sullen and short-tempered this morning from dropping off Cass. He insisted Travis retrieve Cass at noon and rode off on his horse, Lass, making sure Travis knew he wouldn’t be back in time to get to the school.

“Hello, Travis,” Lindsay said, trying not to let her anger spill over onto an innocent bystander. “Where’s Trent? I thought he was on chauffer duty today.”

“I’m not sure what he’s got going on, but he asked me to pick up Cass,” Travis said studying the pretty teacher who stood on eye level with him. Many men didn’t even do that. She was lean and fit with long blond hair, engaging blue eyes, and a healthy outdoorsy glow. Travis could see why she had Trent twisted into knots.

“Is there something I can do for you? Cass isn’t in trouble is she?”

“Oh, no, she’s a wonderful student,” Lindsay said in a reassuring tone. “I can’t believe how fast she is catching up. It won’t be long until she’s at the top of her class.”

“Good,” Travis said, cocking one hip and leaning against the pickup. “Trent and I are trying to keep up her lessons until her folks get back. I know she can be a bit of a handful, so I’m glad to hear she isn’t in trouble.”

“She’s very mannerly and minds well, which is more than I can say for a lot of the kids,” Lindsay said with a smile.

“Was there something else?” Travis asked, wanting to speed along the conversation. He could hear Cass chattering through the closed pickup door and Lindsay looked like she was about to freeze without a coat on. He’d have to tell Trent how pretty she looked with her cheeks rosy from the cold and her hair blown by the chilly wind.

“Yes.” Indignation flooding through her again as she recalled Trent’s comment. “Would you please tell your brother that if he was the only male of the human species left on the planet I would rather see our race die out entirely than get close enough to, as he put it, strip him naked. Thank you, and good day, Mr. Thompson.”

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