Shoes from 1906

Yesterday, I was doing a little research into shoes from 1906 (does that give you a hint as to what story I’m working on?).

Anyhoo… I couldn’t help but notice how similar some of the styles are to shoes we wear today.

I guess in my head, I still picture shoes being more of the button-up ankle boot variety even though I know they had many, many options from which to choose. The sensibility of the shoes, along with their finely-crafted design, really captured my interest.

Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Digital Capture

I think the big, thick ribbon is a fun offset to the otherwise serious design of the shoe.

1906 shoe 5I love the heel on these ruby red beauties along with the sassy bow. I would totally wear these.

1906 shoe 1In fact, if these pink lovelies had a buckle instead of a button, I have a pair almost exactly like this!

1906 shoes 3And I loved, loved the detail on this low-heeled shoe. I want a pair!

1906 shoes 4Check out the hosiery – made to match! I so want every shoe and stocking on this page!

Do you think your feet would have been happy back in 1906?

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