Shooting, Shells and Cake

Yesterday was Captain Cavedweller’s birthday.
His mama came to visit and help celebrate his special day.
After a big breakfast (with lots of bacon), the three of us piled into the Jeep and went to the gun range. CC and his mom both like to shoot and know what they are doing.
cherry shooting

Here’s his mama shooting the pistol CC selflessly purchased for the Caterina book cover.

Captain Cavedweller shooting

And there’s the birthday boy nailing the target. Go, CC!

His mama brought her .22 pistol and it was a lot of fun to shoot.

I learned a few things while we were out shooting yesterday:

• CC can hit whatever he aims at, ten out of ten times.

• If luck is with me, I might hit the broad side of a barn. Maybe.

• Trying to shoot right-handed when you are left-eye dominant is something of a challenge.

• 9mm shell casings, flaming hot as they are ejected from the just-fired gun, that somehow go down the neck of your shirt do cause burns (and the person whose shirt it went down to jump around madly trying to remove said casing.)

• You should always wear a turtleneck while shooting. Always.

It was really nice to have his mama here and we had such a nice day together.

We wrapped it up with CC’s favorite dessert – carrot cake.

camo cake

In case you can’t tell from the photo, it’s a camo cake. Of all the cakes I’ve made for him over the years, this was the easiest one to decorate. I used Wilton Spray Color Mist in green and black. When you spray the two colors together, it made brown.

Overall, CC had a good day and thanks everyone for their birthday wishes (and his slightly singed wife does, too!).

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