Signing Books

Someone asked me to autograph copies of my books they had purchased for gifts.



This threw me into quite a tailspin. I will freely admit it.

She said to “sign it with some words of wisdom.”

That would be awesome if I had any words of wisdom to share.

Last night I sat pondering what to write and practiced signing my name so it looked somewhat legible instead of ink splattered across the page by a drunken chicken.

No pressure at all to come up with something profound, something touching, something magnificent to write in the books.

Finally, I just wrote the first thing that popped in my head, scribbled my name and stuffed the books into a box to be mailed before I could change my mind.

All you seasoned writers out there – any tips on what to write when you sign books? Any ideas on what is good or appropriate?

I appreciate whatever wisdom you can share!

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