Sing Anyway

sing anyway

Here’s the thing… some days you really have to work hard to find your happy place.

Not every single day will be filled with sunshine and laughter and perfect loveliness.

Those are the moments when I try to pay super close attention to my thoughts, to my attitude, to what I’m both allowing in and what I’m projecting outward.

I love this quote because it is so true. Some days the music (happiness) plays bright, loud, and clear. Some days, it whispers, soft and tenderly. Other days it remains eerily quiet.

Those are the days when you absolutely, positively, must make your own music and sing anyway.

Ever since the possibility of staying home with a cup of hot chocolate and unlimited time building snowmen on a snow day evaporated, January has held no appeal to me whatsoever.

It’s in these cold, dark, depressing days of mid-winter when it’s easy to become discouraged, to give in to the gloom, instead of focusing on those things that make us happy, bring us joy, add a sparkling light to our lives. And it is in those gray-laden days when we need to find that happiness the most.

If you’re struggling to hear the music, to find even a bit of fleeting joy, focus on one happy thought, one happy moment at a time.

What one thing will always make you smile? Think of it. Then think of another thing that brings you joy.

Keep going. Just keep going.

Hear the music?

You’ve been singing it all along.


Each Monday I share my thoughts on happiness in my own personal Happiness Project for 2014. Feel free to post your thoughts or comments on happiness.

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