Six words that describe your life

“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn”

Ernest Hemingway’s legendary short story said it all in six words.

I was flipping through a magazine the other day and it had an article about “You in six words.”

Many people submitted their “life story” capsulized in six word descriptions. I found the entire thing fascinating.

What six words describe my life? Describe me?

I’m still working on nailing just the right description, but I had fun coming up with some ideas:

Not quite ready to grow up.

Still discovering the very best me.

Hopeless romantic; sarcasm no extra charge.

All stories should have happy endings.

There is no cure for redneck.

Dreamer, doer, creator, thinker, fixer, wisher.

Shy + Quiet= Sad. Friendly +Warm= Happy.

Crazy Girl + Wonderful Boy = Happy Everafter

Life gives second chances every day.

Walk softly, speak kindly, love greatly.

What six words describe your life? I’d love to see your responses!

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