Since I’m on a self-publishing kick this week, I wanted to spend today talking about Smashwords.

I found this website by wandering through other indie publisher blogs and websites. I kept seeing the name come up and decided I needed to check them out.

I’m ever so glad I did.

Smashwords is pretty awesome. You upload your book and they distribute it to some pretty major outlets for you like Apple, Sony, B&N, not to mention selling it on their website. You can add a bio page and they have some really great statistics for tracking your sales and success.

Before you even think about starting to upload your work anywhere, I strongly suggest downloading the Smashwords Style Guide. And read it. At least twice. Yes, there are a lot of pages, but several of them are filled with graphics so go through it front to back and then do it again.

I found once I followed this basic formatting guide, it also worked well for uploading to Kindle and Pub-It.

Just be sure to follow it step by step. It isn’t rocket science, but neither is it quick and easy.

If it was you wouldn’t feel quite the sense of accomplishment when you actually get it properly uploaded!

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