Snow Party Theme

Well, here we are in the midst of winter and you wouldn’t believe it, but there is snow outside!

Why not give in to the season and host a Snow-themed Party. This is a simple way to celebrate winter, have some fun and open your home to family or friends.

Have the kids cut out snowflakes, glue to some blue construction paper and add your invitation. Or use a snowflake tree ornament and attach the invitation with a ribbon. You can get ornaments at 75-80% off right now.

Keep the menu really simple. Make up a big pot of soup. One of my favorites is Chicken Dumpling Soup. You could serve potato soup or something that is “white” to keep in the snow theme. Offer a crisp, fresh green salad and some warm, toasty bread. Beverages could include something warm – white hot chocolate or glasses of milk would stay with your snowy white theme. Dessert could be something as easy as Nutter-Butter cookies dipped in white chocolate and accented with few quick swipes of frosting to resemble snowmen. You could make stack three ice cream balls rolled in coconut together and add chocolate chips for eyes to make ice cream snowmen. A coconut cake is also a great wintery dessert option. Make a white or yellow cake, layer with coconut pudding mixed with cream cheese for the filling (1 small pudding mix to 3 ounces of cream cheese) or raspberry pie filling. Frost with real whipped cream and then cover the whole thing in coconut.

Decorate your table by spreading a wintery tablecloth. Something with a winter scene or snowflakes really sets the mood. Or use a simple white cloth and accent with blue or snowflake printed napkins. Use all white dishes or clear glass. Don’t worry if they match or not, you are going for color more than matching.

A fun centerpiece could be any sort of snowman decoration you might have. Keep it below eye level. I used this cute little snowman and put in some round candles I have that look like snowballs.

I have horded these candles in the freezer since 1999 because they smell so marvelous. They came from a company that is no longer in business and I’ve never smelled anything like them since. So I bring them out for the holidays and then stash them back in the freezer. Crazy, I know!

For a take-away gift for your guests, think about having something fun at each place setting. These mini-bread pans were available at the craft store before Christmas for only $1 each, so I can only imagine how inexpensive they would be now (if you can find them!). Fill them with some white chocolate candies and watch the smiles pop out when your guest realizes they get to take this home.


Fill the bread pan with home-baked goodies.

Your guests will fall at your feet and thank you forever.

Have fun with¬† a winter theme party. There are lots of ideas and things you can do. Here are a few more ideas…

Happy Entertaining!





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