Snow Party Themes

We woke up to a fresh layer of snow yesterday morning.

It is approximately the second time this winter we’ve had snow. By late afternoon, it was mostly melted off.  I secretly did a little dance of joy because I hate driving in the snow. If I could sit home, curled up by the fire and watch the winter wonderland from inside the house, it would be awesome.

Slipping and sliding my way into work gives it a whole different and much unappreciated meaning.

While I was carefully driving to work yesterday, I was thinking about winter party themes. You could have a lot of fun with the whole snow theme in general, but here are a few ideas.

• Snowflakes – use them in everything from your invitation to your decorations. You could even use them as stencils to decorate brownies with powdered sugar.

• Snowball – use shaved ice as “snow” for some fun beverages. Make mounds of “snow” out of cotton batting for decorations and have “snowballs” made from styrofoam balls. Serve foods that go with the snowball theme (like meatballs in a white sauce, round bread rolls and vanilla ice cream rolled in coconut for dessert).

• Mittens- have a mitten contest, passing out prizes for the ugliest, prettiest, strangest, etc. Play games making people wear their mittens to play (like trying to unwrap and eat a piece of candy, etc.)

• Winter Elegance – go all white or cream. Use white on white decorations, white table coverings, white dishes. Encourage guests to dress in white. (I really think this could be a beautiful party).

• Outdoor fun – have a sledding, ice skating, or skiing party. If you have a place for a bonfire outside, great. If not, bring the fun indoors with treats like S’mores and roasted hotdogs.

There are a few ideas to get you going.

She Who Should Really Plan a Snow Party

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