“Sorrow is lessened by the sweetness found in the tiniest moments of joy.”


Saturday I attended the funeral service of the daughter of  some of our friends. Not having children of my own, I can’t even begin to fathom the sense of loss and sorrow they have experienced since her unexpected and unnecessary death.

What I witnessed Saturday, though, from our friends, was hope in the sorrow, strength in the pain, comfort despite the loss.

The service was, to use completely inadequate words, emotionally-stirring, touching and unforgettable.

One of the thing that spoke most loudly to my heart was a group of young people from our church who joined their voices in song not once but twice. There was an unmistakeable sweetness in their combined voices, an undeniable love in their gift to those gathered there by sharing of their talents. I was proud of every one of them for not just joining in the songs, but for being the wonderful kids that they are.

Respectful. Thoughtful. Loving. Honest. Kind.

The world needs more kids like these. A lot more.

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