Spinning a Yarn

Halloween old house

With Halloween upon us, I thought it might be fun for all of you to help me “spin a yarn.”

So, here’s the deal:

I’m posting the beginning of a story below.

Anyone interested is welcome to add a line or a paragraph to the story in the comments below.  My only request is that you keep in mind the story should stay “clean” and G-rated.

Have fun and happy spooking! 🙂


No scientific facts existed to prove my theory correct, but I prepared to discover if blood could actually curdle from a scream.

A fortifying breath did little to ease my fear as the rickety step beneath my feet groaned in protest of my slight weight. With a trembling hand, I lifted my skirts and hurried up the last three steps, halting in front of the once imposing front door.

Hushed whispering at my back failed to bolster my flagging courage as I raised my hand and lifted the tarnished brass knocker. When the door creaked open, I shuddered and…

blinked as I tried to adjust my eyes to the bright shinning light framing the silhouette of a man holding a saber in his hand.

The scream stuck in my throat, forever leaving the curdling question unanswered. As I stood on the front porch, frozen in time, eyes round with fear, I slowly realized that the figure in front of me was nothing but a large statue of a knight in rusted armor, long forgotten by the house’s original owner and covered head to toe in silky cobwebs. My knees buckled with relief, and I swallowed what little moisture was left in my mouth. “It’s empty” I whispered to my friends cowering behind me. “Let’s go exploring.”

We all walked inside the house, in single file. As soon as the last person was in the room, we heard a huge thud. We turned and saw that the huge door had slammed shut. Lonnie, the strongest of the lot, ran towards the door and tried to pry it open, but it wouldn’t budge. “Guys,” he said nervously, “looks like we’re stuck here for a while.”

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