Spring Color 2012

Everything seems a little gray and dreary in my world today, so I thought I’d share something that would brighten things up a bit – the “it” colors for Spring 2012!

I’m kind of excited about the color choices, because I actually like quite a few of them. While I’m not too excited about the Tangerine, Solar Power or Starfish for apparel options, they would make fun party colors!

Bellflower, Margarita and Sweet Lilac and colors I can definitely see doing some fun things with along with Driftwood. I have a friend who will look absolutely gorgeous in Cockatoo, my two personal favorites on this chart of Caberet and Sodalite Blue. Both of those colors speak to me, quite loudly in fact. I may even be wearing something Caberet colored right at this very moment.

I love that these colors seem cheery and bright, but still have some warmth and depth to them.

If you are looking for a reason or theme to host a party, why not have a spring colors party and invite over a few friends. Maybe each one of them could either wear or bring something (food dish, serving piece) in one of the colors.

You could talk about ways to combine colors, what options would make key wardrobe pieces for spring. You might also see who looks best in what colors. There is nothing like a gathering of girlfriends telling you you look fantastic in a certain color to make the world seem a little more sparkly and wonderful.

She Who Longs For Spring

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