Spring Fashions 2011

It’s spring and I’m in love.

(Besides with Captain Cavedweller, the new look of our bedroom and my new microplane!)

What I’m gushing all over these days are the new spring fashions. There are so many I love! That hasn’t happened for a while and I’m nearly giddy with excitement.

Spring’s favorite shades of pink and “honeysuckle” are right up my girlie-girl alley.

How could you not love this gorgeous dress from Dress Barn that just oozes charm, sophistication and flirty fun?

Much to my delight and Captain Cavedweller’s dismay, ruffles are still popular. This sweet T-shirt has flutter sleeves and a nice spray of ruffles that can take this simple T from ho-hum to fabulous. This is also from the Dress Barn. Look for interesting details this spring that can add pop to your outfit.

And these espadrille’s with the awesome flower in knock-your-socks off pink? I may have been overcome with the desire to have them and ordered them three seconds after I saw them online. Maybe. Perhaps.

In case you haven’t picked up on this trend, flower and rosette details are wildly popular for spring. You’ll see flowers adorning headbands, dresses, shirts, handbags and shoes. Literally, everything from head to toe!

Polka dots are also big for spring. Much to my ever-lasting joy, pencil skirts are still on the radar as well. I thought this skirt from JC Penney was so cute!

This spring’s fashions are so soft, feminine and lovely. I know that’s not everybody’s cup of tea, so I’m sorry to those of you who hate all the girlieness. But for those of us who love it – Woohoo! There is a lot of great stuff out there to choose from!

She Who is Lovin’ Spring’s Fashions

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