Spring Green Color Scheme

I’ve noticed a lot of attention is being paid to shades of green lately.

Perhaps everyone is as ready for spring as I am and by turning to the colors of grass, flower stems and budding leaves, it is our way of rushing the season.

Whatever the reason, you can have a lot of fun with the many shades of green. From dark, rich greens to soft sage hues, incorporate a little green into your home entertaining and see if it doesn’t make you feel a little more like spring has arrived.

If you have mostly neutral tones in your decor, bring in a pop of green color with a throw or accent pillow. You can even accomplish this with something as simple as buying a spool of bright green ribbon and tying a bow around a neutral pillow. A simple way to recover a pillow for a dollar or two is to purchase a piece of inexpensive fabric and wrap the pillow in the new material like you would fold an envelope with the points meeting in the center. Gather the points and tie into a knot for an unusual statement.

Go for an elegant yet playful look mixing greens with white or cream. It is so gorgeous and easy to do. Make a green runner out of ribbon, organza or felt, line with cream or white containers (like small dishes, votive cups or flat dishes) and stack on an assortment of white and green candles.

Green and white flowers are a huge hit. Think white tulips or pale daffodils for instant spring impact.

However you decide to mix in a little green, have fun with it!

She Who Loves Green!

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