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I love spring for so many reasons.

Warmer temperatures and sunshine are at the top of the list, along with spring flowers, birds returning after the long, cold winter, and the promise of beautiful summer days ahead.

Growing up on a farm where we raised wheat, hay, corn, and beef cattle, spring brought many exciting things.

It began with the mud gumbo beginning to dry. This was a wonderful thing, especially if you wanted to get from the house to any destination without wearing a mud coating from the knees down.

tractor with ripperAs the fields dried, it was a welcome ritual of spring to see my dad out working  the ground, preparing for a new crop.

tulip with rain 3My mom always had flowers that heralded spring like crocuses and hyacinths followed by daffodils and tulips.

Another sure sign spring had arrived was spring branding. The baby calves born during the cold days of the winter were rounded up, along with their mommas, and run into pens for branding and working.

My oldest brother and his friends could turn branding day into a big party, although they worked hard. If you’ve ever been involved with a branding, you know it wasn’t all fun and games. There’s dust, blood, sweat and the stench of burning hide.

Writing western romances gives me a great outlet to share some of my experiences from my growing up years and dream up new ones for my characters.

One of my favorite spring scenes is from The Cowboy’s Spring Romance.

cowboy dust

Trent Thompson and his brothers, Trey and Travis, are in the midst of spring branding. Trey invites his wife, Cady, and Trent’s girlfriend, Lindsay, to come out to the pens when they finish cleaning up after lunch to experience branding for the first time. The girls reluctantly go…


Arriving on the scene, the girls went unnoticed for nearly half an hour by the Thompson trio, who were in the thick of things. This gave the two women time to take in what was happening, hold their hands over their noses at the smell, and decide they would much rather wait at the house. They were turning to walk back when Trent spotted them and rode over to the fence.

“Hello, ladies,” he called, forcing them to turn around at his greeting. Lindsay lifted a hand in acknowledgement and elbowed Cady.

Trent tied Lass, his horse, to the fence and swung over it, landing in one smooth motion that sent his spurs jingling and the fringe on his chinks flying.

Lindsay, who had never been given to the twittering silliness of simpering girls, thought she might actually swoon as he swaggered toward them. The horrid smells and churning dust faded away into a golden glow surrounding the two of them. The cowboy staring at her with fire in his blue eyes was far more virile and good-looking than the heroes of the stories she liked to read. She watched Trent approach one enticing step at a time…


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