Spring Scents

Last week we talked about ways to lighten up your home decor for spring.

Today, let’s talk about lightening up your home scent for spring.

I know, what a profound topic of discussion. But honestly, how your home smells can have a big impact on your guests and the experience they have.

I’m a huge fan of pumpkin scents but by spring, I’m ready for something fresh and light instead of spicy and heavy.

Think about candles or plug ins or air sprays that smell like spring and sunshine and flowers and freshness.

Lilac is definitely a scent of spring. One of my favorite versions can be found from Yankee Candle.

Something fruity with a kick is always a fun fragrance and tells the nose that nothing stuffy and boring is going on in here.

A great fragrance is Caribbean Salsa from Bath & Body Works.

Another awesome scent from Bath & Body Works is Nectarine Mint. It is fruity and light with just the right pack of punch to say “Hey, the fun people hang out here.”

So lighten up! Get a new spring fragrance going on at home and see how much you and your guests enjoy it!

She Who Adores Things that Smell Pretty

P.S. Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works do not endorse my ramblings or even have a clue who I am. I just like their stuff. A lot.

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