Spring Swap Party

If you’ve been a busy beaver and have your spring cleaning all finished, good for you.

You probably have piles of things you no longer want or need languishing in your garage or storage shed now. Before you toss those treasures or donate them, think about hosting a Spring Swap Party. Invite a few of your friends to bring a dozen pieces (be it clothing, home decor, whatever) to swap at your party.

Everyone attending brings items that are in good shape and still usable. You put all the items out and then everyone gets to choose the same number of pieces to take home that they brought. Whatever is left over can then be donated to a charity or put into a yard sale.

Not only does this help your good junk find a home, but it also gives you the opportunity to get some “new to you” items without spending a dime (other than a few basic refreshments).

So pick a sunny day, put out a few tables and snacks and jump into the fun!

She Who Needs to Get Busy Spring Cleaning

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