St. Patty’s Cupcakes

cupcake done

If you want a fast and easy dessert to celebration St. Patrick’s Day, try cupcakes.

You can start out with store boughten cupcakes or make your own.

cupcake ingredients

Start out with a cake mix.

cupcake batter

Then add in green food coloring. As much as as little as you want. I remember my brother made a green cake once to surprise us. Because of the ugly shade of green it ended up being after it baked, no one wanted to eat it. Sorry, Kim!

cupcake pipe creme

You can do two things with the cupcakes: 1. frost and decorate them or 2. add some marshmallow creme before you frost and decorate them. Depending on how sweet and gooey you want to make them, you can go either way.

I spooned the creme into a ziploc bag and cut off the end to make handling it as mess free and easy as possible.

cupcake with cremeAfter I piped some creme on the cupcake, I added some sparkly green edible gel.

cupcake frostingAfter nuking a can of frosting for about 15 seconds, I dipped the cupcakes right into the can. I’m a lazy slug that way. I can honestly say, though, I’ve never frosted cupcakes so fast in my whole life.

cupcake with frostingIt was, like, totally wicked!

Oh, you know what I mean.

cupcake with drageesI found some sweet little green nonpareils at Wally-world, which were just the perfect thing to use to top my cupcakes.

cupcake doneEspecially after I colored the frosting green and added sparkling green gel shamrocks.

Wishing you a fabulous and safe St. Patrick’s Day!

She Who Enjoys a Wee Bit ‘O The Irish

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