Start A Holiday Idea Folder


Well, if you are like me, you are in a state somewhere between joy over the wonderful Christmas celebrated Saturday and sadness that it is over for another year.

To get yourself over the post holiday doldrums, find a fun project to work on.

One that is perfect to start this week is a Holiday Idea folder. I like to use red file folders and hide them at the back of my filing cabinet. Believe me, no one ever looks in there!

Things you can put in your folder (or binder) include gift ideas, decorating ideas, recipes you’d like to try. Then add to the folder all year. If you are a hyper-organized kind of person, you might want to have several folders¬† or divided sections in your binder with titles like “Gifts,” “Decor,” “Recipes,” “Traditions.”

As you browse through magazines and catalogs, pull out the pages that capture your interest and add to your supply. If you are pulling out gift ideas, make sure you label them somehow or come October when you get out your files, you’ll have a bunch of pages and no idea what you intended to purchase for whom (not that I’ve ever done that before).

Now is the perfect time to get cracking on this project because the ideas are all fresh in your head. As you gathered with family and friends during the weekend, you probably had several ideas for “perfect gifts,” tasted a few recipes you’d like to add to your own collection for next year and thought of at least two fantastic decorating ideas or fun things that might make great future traditions.

Capture all that info now and you’ll be so glad you did!

Happy Holiday Entertaining!


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