Steve The Mule


From the beloved Pendleton Petticoats series, Steve the Mule now has his own story!

AMZ Steve the Mule

Steve The Mule

A Pendleton Petticoats Children’s Story

Steve the Mule has an important job at his family’s ranch in 1910 Pendleton, Oregon.  Explore a day in his life as he keeps an eye on little Willa. When he discovers trouble brewing, Steve races off to save her. Will he make it in time?

This lighthearted tale full of laughter and fun is suitable for young readers ages 3-8 (and the young at heart).

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Available now in digital, paperback, and hardback formats!


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Steve the Mule first made an appearance in Bertie (Pendleton Petticoats Book 6). He belonged to Riley Walsh, the hero in the story.

Steve never let a little thing like fences or doors keep him from going wherever he wished. Many readers wrote to be after that book released requesting more about Steve. He made guest appearances in other books in the sweet romance series, each time drawing more requests for Steve to have his own story.

As much as I wanted to make my dear readers happy, I could not figure a way to write an entire romance novel with the mule as the main hero of the story.

Then, one day, I landed on the idea of a children’s book. What if I could somehow write a children’s book with Steve as the hero?

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Immediately, I began searching for an illustrator. This was not an easy task, but I’m thrilled beyond words to have Rob Foote as the illustrator of this story. He is amazing and was brilliant to work with.  He even worked in a little “hidden figure” on each page of the book that our own sweet Lil’ Miss suggested he add.

So I hope you enjoy Steve the Mule. If enough people do, I’d love to publish more Pendleton Petticoats children’s books.

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