Stinky and Poochie

Meet Stinky. She lives next door to us and has got to be the biggest tease on the planet.

In the year-and-half since our neighbor brought her home, she has nearly broken my poor ol’ heart. She stands at our fence looking just like this, begging for attention. We of course, heed the call and nearly pull a hamstring running to the fence to fawn over her. As soon as our hands, ready to bestow loving pats on her scruffy head, are just mere centimeters from making contact, she will jump back, bark and yip and then run around the yard like an energizer bunny on steroids.

Which is all fine and dandy… unless you really wanted to pet the dog.

She also fancies herself in love with The Heinous Cat. Unfortunately it is a one-sided affair. The cat absolutely, without a doubt hates her. He practically hissed himself dry the other day in his attempts to make his feeling for her perfectly clear.

I don’t think it phased her a bit.

If she wasn’t causing enough damage to my dog-petting psyche, our neighbor had to go and bring home another dog.

This is Poochie. Who could resist this face? No one, I tell you! No one! And certainly not this sappy, mushy-hearted girlie-girl.

He is even worse than Stinky. He starts his freak-out-show before we even reach the fence and drags Stinky right along with him.

The last time it snowed, Hubby put birdseed out on top of the pump house roof. We heard a noise coming from outside only to discover Stinky on top of the pump house gobbling up the birdseed. We were both shocked and surprised that she would 1. eat birdseed and 2. be in our yard.

We still didn’t get to pet her, though. She barked and ran and teased, staying just out of arms-reach.

She figured out how to escape her confines and dash into our yard the other day. She’s made many trips back and has not always come alone.

She brings this wild animal with her.


They run and roll and chase and chew.

I realize the photos are blurry but that would be because the two canines are a blur as they whip through our yard, unmercifully teasing us.


Could someone please tell our neighbor he needs to train these two to sit still for five seconds so someone can pet them and pat them on the head and call them George?

That hands are just itching to rub these two big heads. Please.

Drooley (aka) The Heinous Cat

Oh, and The Heinous Cat would like me to add a request that the dogs never come into his yard, bark at him or even think about looking his direction. They frighten him so.

If you have a dog you can pet, give it an extra rub for me today.

From She Who Just Wants to Pet the Dogs


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