Stitches from the Past

Grandma's vintage doily 3

On a recent trip to visit my parents, Dad handed me this doily and said he wanted me to have it.

My great-grandmother made it way back  in the day and despite its obvious wear, I loved it immediately.

Grandma's vintage doily2To me, it’s more than just a doily. It’s a way to reach back in time and get a tiny glimpse into my great-grandmother.  The careful, detailed, beautiful stitching really impressed me, especially since I can barely do more than knot the thread into a snarled mess when I attempt to embroidery anything.

Grandma's vintage doily 1

Another reason I loved receiving this is because it makes me think of Ilsa in the Pendleton Petticoats series. Since the design is wheat, it also fits in perfectly with the book’s setting among the wheatfields of Pendleton, Oregon.

Grandma's vintage doily backCan you believe this is the back of the piece? I was awed by how neat and tidy it looks.  That is most definitely not how the backs of anything I’ve done appears.

I’m so happy my dad shared this with me. It means a lot that he’d entrust it into my care and as I sit studying the fine stitches, it helps me better imagine the woman who painstakingly created the doily all those many years ago.

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