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Last year, before I wrote a single word of the Summer Creek series, I was thinking about the covers of the books, what I wanted them to look like. At the time, I’d been talking to my marketing team about getting some new headshots and we were trying to find a photographer somewhere in my area that we all liked.

I happened upon a photographer’s website, Shana Bailey (who, coincidentally, pronounces her name the same way I do!). She not only took great headshots, but she also does incredible engagement and wedding photography.

I was scrolling through her photos when I saw one that I knew would  be the perfect cover for Catching the Cowboy.

When I went for my headshot appointment, I asked her if she’d consider letting me purchase the image for a book cover. She said yes and I bought not only that image, but two more for the first three books in the series.

I thought you might enjoy seeing what those original images look like before I turned them into my book covers.


Here is the original for Catching the Cowboy.

And the cover. The scene from the cover ended up being at the end of the book and I loved the way both the cover and the scene turned out!

Because I did a big blog tour with this book, Shana was kind enough to let me use a second graphic of this couple.

And it was sweet and perfect!

Rescuing the Rancher was a little harder because I had a certain way I wanted the girl in the photo to look.

But when I found this image, I knew it was what I wanted for Jossy and Nate’s story. The scene that describes the image is close to the end of the story and fit so wonderfully with the flow of the story.

So fun!

The photo I chose for Parker and Poppy’s story was one I loved the moment I saw it.

At that moment in time, I wasn’t sure, exactly, which story I’d use it for, then I decided it would be great for Protecting the Princess.

And it was. The scene on the cover ended up being close to the end. I had to include that skirt flowing in the wind!


Fast forward to this spring. I didn’t even look anywhere else to find the cover image for Distracting the Deputy. I knew when I saw it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this photo. The sweetness. The tenderness. The fact that she is smiling and they seem so relaxed and happy.

It was beyond perfect for Knox and Zadie’s story. And the really fun thing, is the cover image became the inspiration for the first scene when they are together.

Shana also let me use this image (which I’m absolutely goofy over) for some of my promotional pieces when the book released.

If you haven’t yet read any of the Summer Creek series, take advantage of Catching the Cowboy. being on sale for just 99 cents today!
And Distracting the Deputy. is now available in Kindle Unlimited!

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  1. Love this! How awesome that you found that photographer! Huge honor for her too!

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