Summer Salad Bar

If you’re searching for an easy meal that’s full of color and flavor, think about setting up a salad bar!

The prep work really doesn’t take all that long, and it’s so fun to go through the bar, deciding what toppings to choose.

Use about a cup (loose cup) of lettuce per person. Offer a selection of greens, like romaine, spinach, and butter lettuce or a baby lettuce mix.

Veggie toppings could include slices tomatoes (or grape, pear, and cherry tomatoes, halved), slices cucumber, sliced avocadoes.

Fruit toppings could include grapes, berries (strawberries or blueberries work well).

Include boiled eggs, an assortment of cheeses (crumbled or cubed), and other add-ons like sunflower seeds, toasted pecans, croutons and olives (you an offer an assortment of them, too).

Don’t forget the meat! Bacon bits, cubed cooked chicken, tender steak bites all work well.

Then set out a selection of dressings.

For visual appeal, use an assortment of bowls, plates, cups and containers set at varying heights.

A salad bar is perfect for a warm summer evening!

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