Summer Tunes Party Theme

With school starting, Labor Day around the corner and summer drawing to an end, think about hosting an end-of-summer party.

Make it fun and casual with a barbecue or a simple make your own theme (like pizza or tacos or even deli sandwiches).

Give the party an Ode To Summer theme and have all your guests send you one or two of their favorite songs (either a list or links).  Play all the tunes and let guests vote on their favorites.

The music will add a fun, festive flair to your party and keep things lighthearted.

As a finale to the evening, grill summer fruit on the barbecue or have a fire pit to make S’mores.

The main thing is to gather with friends before the busy days of school, routines and then the holidays approaches. Take a laid-back approach  and enjoy time spent together.

She Who Is Humming ‘In The Good Old Summertime’


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