Sweet Shop USA for Sweet Lovers

There is a particular brand of chocolate that Hubby purchases for me on very special occasions. When he presents the box of candy, I generally melt in a puddle and refer to him as “hero” or “King Cavedweller” for the remainder of the day. Yeah, the chocolates are that good.

The company is Sweet Shop USA.

You can purchase these divine creations on their website at sweetshopusa.com or pick them up at one of their nationwide retailers. You’ll find the sweet treats in stores like Dillards, Hallmark Flowers, Neiman Marcus. My favorite local florist carries these.

In fact, she often has a display case set up so you can purchase individual truffles if your heart desires. My heart often desires so I resist the temptation.

The truffles are so good, you can literally cut them in half and enjoy part now and the rest later (like after you’ve walked three miles to burn off the first half).

If you ever have the opportunity to try their candy, especially the truffles, jump right up and savor true chocolate bliss.

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