Sweet Summer Love Blog Hop!

Today and tomorrow I’m joining several other “Sweet” authors in the Sweet Summer Love Blog Hop, sponsored by  Christina Cole and Devika Fernando.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Just click here to enter the contest.

Individual authors are also giving away prizes on their blogs, so hop to them all for more fun chances to win! Participating authors include:

Christina Cole

Devika Fernando

Ashley Nemer

Penny Estelle

Shanna Hatfield

Sandra Nachlinger

Amanda Ward

Tea Cooper


I’m giving away digital copies of two of my favorite sweet summer romances – The Cowboy’s Summer Love and Learnin’ The Ropes.

To enter to win, post a comment below answering this question:

“What do you love most about summer?”

Good luck!

Since all of my romances aresweet and clean,” I thought I’d share a little blurb from the two books I’m giving away.

From The Cowboy’s Summer Love:

She nodded and let Travis draw her closer as they swayed to the music. Travis twirled her around and lowered her into a dip, pretending he was going to drop her before hauling her up with a teasing laugh.

Breathless, she looped her arms around his neck while he ran his hands up and down her back, setting ribbons of heat aflame every place his fingers touched her.

“You know something?” Travis’ lips were dangerously close to her ear, dangerously close to making her forget all the reasons she needed to keep her distance from him.

“What’s that?” Tess asked, barely able to speak through the emotion clogging her throat and addling her thoughts.

“You’ve always been my honeybee,” Travis rumbled before placing a warm kiss on her neck.

“Travis, I…” Tess felt a tremor roll up from her toes that ended at the top of her head. “We better…you should…”

Travis put a finger on her lips. “Shh, baby, don’t talk. Just feel.”


From Learnin’ The Ropes:

Sticking his head in the door, he noticed Baby on the floor before he spied Lexi dancing around the kitchen, shaking a posterior that should be registered as some sort of assault weapon on the male senses, especially in the jeans she was wearing.

Ty leaned against the counter and watched her move, quickly losing his ability to think rationally. The more she danced, the hotter his blood ran and the tighter his insides twisted.

The only thought registering in his head involved wrapping his arms around that beautiful body and kissing her until they both forgot everything but each other. And if she wanted to wiggle around the kitchen a little more, he wouldn’t object to that either.

Doubting Lexi would be quite so uninhibited if she knew she had an audience, he was soon proven right.

Seeing Ty, Baby let out a bark which made Lexi spin around and stop mid-shake in her dance. Lexi looked at him, her cheeks and neck red from her furious blushing, while Ty silently wished Baby would have kept quiet for just a little longer.

“Don’t stop on my account,” Ty said, sticking his finger in the cookie dough and snitching a bite, acting like he didn’t have a care in the world although he was surprised he could form coherent words with the way his senses were on Lexi overload.

“I… it was… you… Oh!” Lexi said, embarrassed and flustered. How long had he been standing there, anyway?

“Feeling better today?” Ty asked, stealing another bite of dough, desperately wanting to feel Lexi in his arms.

“Yes, I am,” Lexi said, busying herself with the pan of cookies that needed to come out of the oven. Placing the cookies on a rack to cool, she put in another pan before looking at Ty, who continued to grin at her.

“I might have to start listening to country music if the songs all make you move like that,” Ty commented, taking a step toward Lexi. She took a step back as he took another forward, until she bumped into the fridge. Putting his muscled arms on either side of her, blocking her in, he melded his hot blue eyes to her green ones. His voice dropped as he leaned close to her ear and asked, “You want to shake it for me again, Lexi Jo?”



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