Tad’s Treasure


Today is release day for Tad’s Treasure – the twelfth and final book in the Grandma’s Wedding Quilt series.

And just for today, the book is on sale for 99 cents!


He never intended to fall in love with her

Tad Palmer makes a promise to his dying friend to watch over the man’s wife and child. Years later, he continues to keep an eye on Posey Jacobs and her precocious little boy. The only problem is that he’s not sure his heart can withstand the vow he made when he falls in love with the widow and her son.

Posey Jacobs misses her beloved husband, but her wrenching grief has given way to hope for the future as she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with Tad Palmer. However, the infuriating man doesn’t seem to notice her interest and treats her as he would his sister.

Throw in a goat who thinks she’s a dog, a town full of quirky characters, and this widow has her work cut out for her if she wants one handsome cowboy to give her his heart.


Disturbed by the odd light glowing in his eyes and the determined look on his face, she didn’t even think of resisting. Not when her gaze fixated on his lips and how much she wanted to taste his kiss.

Unable to recall when Tad’s mouth had first fascinated her, all she knew was for the last two years, she’d dreamed of him taking her in his arms and kissing her with the same level of passion he stirred in her.

In spite of the lingering guilt she felt about falling in love again, she knew John would be glad the one who’d captured her heart was Tad. Her husband had often said there was no one finer than his best friend, and Posey heartily agreed.

“I never wanted or needed your money, Posey Jo,” Tad growled, slowly lowering his head toward hers as he continued to draw her closer. He sat on the stool with his legs bracketing her on either side. “What I want…” One of his big hands slid around to cup the back of her head while the other encircled her waist. “Is to kiss you.”

Warmth flooded through Posey and her lips curved upward in a smile. “Why, then, are you still talking instead of kissing me?”


You can find Tad’s Treasure on Amazon.

(And the book is also the prequel to the Baker City Brides series for those of you who enjoyed Thane, Maggie, and Tully’s stories!)

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