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I’ve been thinking about bravery and trust the last few days.  This quote from Mary E. Demuth seemed quite fitting.

It takes bravery to let go of our worries, doubts and fears and simply trust.

Instead of letting anxiety drag my thoughts into a bunch of  “what if” scenarios for tomorrow, next week, next month, I’m going to try to just focus on today.

On being brave — today.

Step out in trust and walk bravely through the day!


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For Christmas, a friend gave me something engraved with the words “fearlessly authentic” on it.

I loved it.

And I loved the thought behind that – of being fearlessly authentic. To me, it meant being brave. Brave enough to be myself in any circumstance.

Each year, I choose one word as kind of my “theme” and I really hadn’t been able to come up with anything I liked for 2019.

Captain Cavedweller and I were on a long road trip a few weeks ago and we were taking about the gift from my friend and my need to come up with a word. Nearly at the same time, we both said “brave” and that’s when I knew that would be my word for 2019.


So what does that mean?


To me, being brave has never been about being fearless. It’s doing what you needed to do despite the fear.

As one who tends to worry too much, who doesn’t always boldly go forth when the opportunity arises, and quakes in her boots from time to time, this is a great word for me to focus on this year.


It’s time to learn about being brave and putting what I learn into action. My goal is to blog each Monday about a brave lesson. I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me.


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