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Bertie Promo 4

I just realized I never shared a post with Bertie’s characters.

Would you like to meet them today?

Let’s start with Riley Walsh.

He’s handsome, but lean. And looks a little sad and world-weary when Bertie first sets eyes on him.

RileyI thought Logan Bartholomew was perfect for the character of Riley.

Logan BartholomewHe’s got a mixture of boyish appeal with just the right amount of rugged sadness.

Riley 5And he has a beautiful horse named Mud  who will stand out in the rain with him when he’s lost his last friend.

Mackenzie MauzyThe beautiful, bubbly MacKenzie Maury is perfect for Bertie Hawkins.

Bertie 5When the story begins, Bertie has survived a terrible tragedy that stripped away her trust in others and left her living in a constant state of fear.

Then she takes a job at Nash’s Folly and meets Riley.

Bertie 3And her heart begins to heal. From that curly hair to the lovely blue eyes, she was so, so perfect for Bertie!

NikAnother Logan (Logan Lerman) is also important in this story as the character of Nik.

I first chose Logan when I wrote Aundy.

logan_lerman_1309033416He made such an awesome orphaned shepherd boy.

But now he’s nearly grown up and will soon be a doctor.

SteveOf course, many of you have met Steve the Mule already. He gets around and likes to be in the spotlight.

Poppy2This is Aundy’s horse Poppy.

tractor aAnd Garrett’s tractor!

Find more visual inspiration I used for this story on Pinterest!


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Only one week to go until Bertie releases!

(Is anyone else excited?)

Bertie Promo 4

I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of history that’s included in the book.

One of the characters in the story purchases a Silent Gray Fellow motorcycle from a new company called Harley-Davidson.


Today, Harley-Davidson is a name everyone recognizes, but back in 1906, they were just one of many American companies trying to get into the motorcycle business.

The story began in 1901 when William Harley completed blueprints to add an engine to a bicycle.

William Harley along with three Davidson brothers (Arthur, Walter, and William) started their business in a backyard shed in Milwaukee. One prototype and two production bikes were built in 1903. They completed 11 more motorcycles between then and 1905.

On July 4, 1905, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle won a 15-mile race in Chicago with a time of 19:02.

By the end of 1905, they had a single-cylinder motorcycle that earned them a reputation for building quality machines at a reasonable price.

In 1906, the small company was ready to move into real manufacturing. They built a 2,400 square foot factory, produced a catalog, launched an advertising campaign and received orders for 50 bikes before they were even built!

Not only did they improve their business, they also made notable changes to their motorcycle that year. The engine was enlarged and pumped out about 4 horsepower, the front end got a spring suspension system, and the company offered a new color option  – Renault Gray with red pinstriping. The new color generated the name “Silent Gray Fellow” which stuck with the brand for many years.

The company was incorporated in September 1907 – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Be sure to get your copy of Bertie to find out which Pendleton character is tootling around town on a brand-new motorbike!

I’ll even give you a little teaser…


Bertie stood on her tiptoes, looking around with the others still standing on the platform as a “burrrrrooom boom boom boom” sound sliced through the summer air. A loud “crack” that popped like a gunshot rattled the depot office windows.

A few women shrieked, and most of them ducked as a streak of gray shot off one of the train cars onto the platform.

Aundy settled an arm around Bertie’s shoulders and motioned for her to follow her over to an abandoned bench. The two of them hoisted their skirts and stepped onto the seat to get a better view.

A man dressed in knee-high boots with leather gloves on his hands bent low over the handlebars of a motorized bicycle.

The machine backfired again and Bertie grinned at Aundy, excited to set eyes on the motorbike.



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Bertie Cover

I thought you might appreciate a little excerpt from Bertie today.



“I, um…” Bertie stopped a few feet away and scuffed the toe of her shoe in the dirt, stirring up little puffs of dust. “I owe you an apology, Mr. Walsh.”

Riley stopped fussing with Mud’s saddle and turned to stare at Bertie. “For what?”

“It was completely inappropriate for me to throw eggs at you yesterday. In addition, I failed to thank you for coming to my rescue. Left to my own defenses, I might still be sitting in the pen, surrounded by demented chickens intent on inflicting harm.”

He chuckled and shook his head. “I think you would have been just fine without my help.” His eyes trailed over her from head to toe then settled on her face. “I’m sorry I laughed, Miss Hawkins. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

Bertie didn’t know what to say to his sincere apology. She could tell it was earnest by the humble look on his face and the kindness in his eyes. “You’re forgiven, this time.” Bertie smiled and held out a square of fabric to him. “Unless I’m mistaken, this belongs to you.”

As he took his neckerchief from her hand, his fingers brushed across her open palm. They both drew in a startled breath at the jolt the touch created. Bertie raised her gaze to his. Her eyes were wide and luminous as surprise and something Riley refused to acknowledge shined in their depths.

Hastily, he stuffed the square into his pocket and nodded his head. “Thank you for returning it. Did you find the flowers?”

“I did. Daisies are my favorite.” Bertie took a step back, too aware of her interest in Riley Walsh. Too unsettled by what his handsome features and resonant voice did to her sensibilities. Around him, she felt like a tongue-tied ninny. Yet, at the same time, her thoughts lingered on how much she’d like to be held in his arms, taste his kisses. It was positively… indecent how frequently he’d invaded her thoughts in the last week.


Coming April 7!

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