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Captain Cavedweller and I decided to make a lifestyle change that we hope will help us:

  1. Feel better
  2. Look better
  3. Be healthy!

This change involves a whole new way of eating and approaching food.

I have to tell you, it’s kind of scary. As a chocoholic and one who would rather eat bread, pasta, cheese, and ice cream, the thought of giving those things up – at least for a while – is somewhat daunting.

But we are five days into it and things are still a little scary, but going along okay.

I liked this quote because it reminded me of one of the reasons we are doing this change.

Regret. If we don’t make some changes, we’re both going to regret it.

Do you ever think about doing something different, making a change, and then ignore that little voice telling you to follow through?

Well, for us, the little voice could no longer be ignored and it was time to bravely face this new change.

If you have anything you’ve been contemplating changing, I’m cheering you on if you dive right into it! Be brave! You’ve got this!


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I spent the last week staying with my parents at their home. My mother has had a health issue for a while that is quickly gaining steam. The road ahead is one paved with uncertainty, challenges, stumbling blocks, and some just plain old hard days.

In the time I was there with them, it was amazing and inspiring to watch how my dad (who is nearing 90) gave such tender care and encouragement to my mom.

And I couldn’t help but think about how brave he is – they both are – to face what is coming. And they are facing it by holding hands and sticking together.

Sometimes that is the best and bravest thing we can possibly do.

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This quote seemed so appropriate today. I spent the weekend doing some crafty projects for a gathering I’ll be attending soon.

One project in particular was new to me. While doing said project I learned that:

  1. I do not possess the patience required to meticulously glue things together.
  2. I really should factor in the whole “I have no idea how to do this” thing before I agree to take on a project.
  3. Once you’ve sprayed on the final coat of sealant, it’s a little late to discover you’ve made a huge mistake.
  4. Doing something over for the third time doesn’t make it any better if you have no talent for making something in the first place.

I don’t know how brave it is, but I am certainly bad at that particular craft project. Based on the fact the project will be seen by a few dozen people at the gathering I’m taking it to, I suppose I will have to be a little brave to show up with it and allow it to be on display.

Wish me luck!

Oh, and if you are thinking about tackling something new this week, go for it! I’ll be cheering you on!

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This quote from Dalai Lama resonated with me this morning. In every circumstance we have choices, even those hard, hurtful, terrifying circumstances, we still get to choose how we react to them, what we focus on.

I just loved this quote and the message it conveys of letting our circumstances soften us and make us kinder.

There is a certain special type of bravery in being kind, especially to those who may have hurt us, or used us, or been cruel to us. It’s hard to be kind to people like that. But it’s right. And it’s brave.


So if you’re thinking to yourself that you aren’t a particularly brave person, just think of all the times you’ve been kind when other’s might not have been.

That’s being brave.

See, you’re braver than you think!

I encourage you this week to be kind and brave. I know I’m going to be working on it!

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One of the things I’m committed to working on to be more “brave” this year is getting out of my comfort zone more frequently.

Ugh! It’s so hard!

But worth it. Yes, yes it is!

Something that definitely takes me far beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone is public speaking. I can do it, I just don’t like to do it. It freaks me out, causes great anxiety, and leaves me in a tailspin until the moment I step up to the podium and start speaking.

I thought this quote seemed so appropriate – bravery doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid or full of doubt or insecurities or worries, it just means what you are doing is more important than giving into those things.

Last week, I was supposed to speak at a luncheon. I wrote my speech, spent hours practicing it, had some fun little giveaways to give each attendee all ready.

I went through my usual rundown of anxiety, fear, doubts, worry, insecurities as I prepared for the event, but I realized I was looking forward to the luncheon, too. To meeting new people and sharing my books with them, and finding out more about them, as well.

Then it snowed, and snowed some more, and melted and made ankle-deep slush, then froze and snowed again. Oh, it was a mess. And the morning of the luncheon, the organizer called to say it was cancelled.

Normally relief would have flooded over me, but this time, I felt disappointment for something I realized I’d been looking forward to.

So maybe, just maybe, I’m inching forward in being brave.

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With Valentine’s Day this week, my thoughts keep swirling around love.

I think this quote is right on the money. It takes bravery to fall in love – to admit you’re in love. Even saying “I love you” the first time to someone takes a good deal of courage.

When it comes to our emotions, bravery is required to share what’s in our hearts.  That applies, I think, to all our relationships.

I didn’t grow up in a house where people said “I love you” or randomly gave hugs. Then I met Captain Cavedweller. His family were huggers! I mean big, warm not-letting-you-go-after-two-seconds huggers! They said “I love you” to one another. And I quickly learned that I liked being among huggers. In fact, I became one.

I also learned to tell the people I care about that I love them. Not just show them or assume they knew, but to say it. And you know what? My family are huggers now, too, and I hear “I love you” often when I talk to them.

But it took being brave to initiate a change.

So whether you’re in the falling-in-love stage of life, the happily-married years, or still searching for your perfect someone, remember to be brave when it comes to matters of the heart.

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I read this quote the other day and it got me thinking about “growing brave by reflection.”

My take on that is that we can look at experiences with a thoughtful eye and see how we could do better, make different choices (brave choices), and have an alternate result. We can be reflective on a decision we’re contemplating, too.  And it’s pretty darn brave to smile when trouble finds us or gain strength from making it through a challenge.

I think it takes a good bit of bravery to honestly evaluate our lives, our inner selves, and be willing to learn and change from what we discover – to grow brave by reflection.

And the rest of this quote is pretty awesome, too. When we follow what our hearts tell us to do, and our mind approves – there is a recipe for success!

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