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woman on ladder

I have been terrified of heights for a long, long time. On top of my natural aversion to them, I also get vertigo if I go more than three steps up in the air.

With all that in mind…

We’ve been working on moving all our “treasures” out of a storage unit in town into our new storage barn. There is a loft up above (actually two, one on each side of where the double doors open) so it was agreed upon that Captain Cavedweller would be the one to climb up there and arrange things.

<Let me digress a moment and state this: I believe people are either stuffers or packers. CC is a stuffer, cramming things into a space and moving on. I’m a packer. I want it to be tidy and organized and utilize every square inch of space (I inherited that from my dad. He can pack more stuff into a space than anyone I know while my mom is definitely a stuffer.). I think packers look at it as a puzzle, figuring out which piece goes where. Stuffers look at the empty space and all the things that need to go into it and stuff in all they can, hoping for the best. >

CC warned me after he’d stuffed the back of the loft with about half of what we both thought should fit there that I was going to have to climb up and rearrange everything.

“No, it’ll be fine,” I assured him, desperate to keep my feet on the ground.

He stuffed and crammed and jammed our “treasures” into the loft and when he finished, we still had a huge pile of things we wanted to put up there.

So yesterday, we both stood looking up into the loft, knowing what had to be done.

“I’ll get the ladder,” he said, hurrying outside to grab it before I could lock myself in the house and refuse to come out.

So after five minutes of promising me he’d hold the ladder and I could do it, I climbed up the ladder and rearranged the loft. Granted, I probably could have fallen out of the loft and not broken anything, but it is the thought of being on a ladder (actually, it’s the thought of coming down the ladder, up doesn’t bother me as much).

The loft is now tidy and organized with everything we wanted to get up there neatly tucked away (and a little room left over!).

It feels really good to have conquered my fear of heights – at least for one day! Wish me luck, because I know I’ll end up climbing up to do the other side of the loft.

What about you? Are you a stuffer or a packer?




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Senior couple enjoy the sunset together

This weekend, Captain Cavedweller and I spent many, many hours working on a project neither one of us wanted to do, but it is something we have to finish sooner rather than later.

One of us pulled on a pair of cranky pants about an hour after we got started on the project (and it wasn’t me!).

In fact, CC was so grumpy, I actually told him he needed a time-out. (Yeah, that makes me giggle this morning, too.)

In fairness, though, he spent the week working in 100+ degree heat and he is out in that heat anywhere from five to seven hours straight. Also, something bit him on his ring finger that required a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotics to fight the infection. He spent two days with a hand so swollen, he couldn’t even bend his fingers.

The other thing I must share is that Captain Cavedweller is such an easy-going, laid-back guy, he rarely loses his cool. I could count the number of times in a year he is truly grouchy and cross on one hand and still have fingers left over.

Goodness knows he puts up with my whackadoodleness that runs the gamut of bouncing off the walls happy to introverted neurotic freakazoid.

As I thought about our weekend , about the stupid project that is nearing completion (thank goodness), and his crankiness,  grace and forgiveness kept coming to mind.

That’s why I liked the quote I shared above so much. Grace and forgiveness are such vital aspects of marriage.

There are times we all need grace and forgiveness. All of us. Especially someone who typically is the one extending it to others.




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Last week, Captain Cavedweller and I went on vacation. We didn’t go anywhere tropical or far away.

Part of the trip was to allow me to do some research for two book projects.

But it was so, so nice to get out of our routines and spend time together.

One day, I sat on the balcony of our hotel room and read for hours. It was glorious!

It’s hard for me to leave my work, to unplug and relax. My mind seems to be on a continuous loop of all the things I need to be working on, all the things I want to accomplish.

One morning, as I was thinking of all the work waiting for me at home and trying to figure out how to squeeze in a few hours of work in our fully-scheduled day, I thought of the quote I posted above.

And from that moment on, I let the worry and thoughts of work go and just enjoyed the precious moments of wasting time with CC.

If you haven’t “wasted” any time lately doing something you enjoy, I highly recommend it. You’ll find so many measures of grace in those well-spent moments.

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Yesterday, I went outside to read through my current work in progress one last time before it’s ready to share with the world.

I walked across the backyard to my reading chair and the stench of something rotting wafted on the air. Then I noticed flies buzzing everywhere and followed the horrendous smell to Captain Cavedweller’s beloved Dracula Lilies.

When we first moved into our home, it was nearing the end of summer. I had no idea what bulbs might spring forth with life in the flowerbeds in spring. One late spring day, I noticed the most horrible smell, like something dead and decaying blowing in my open window.

Rushing outside, expecting to see a dead animal in the neighbor’s pasture next to our backyard fence, I couldn’t find anything that would create such a ghastly aroma.

That’s when I noticed these hideous blooms.


For the record, I think the flowers are:

  • obscene
  • disgusting
  • a blight on the plant world

And I’m pretty sure the combination of these three reasons is why CC refuses to let me destroy the bulbs.

After we had our septic system replaced, I had high hopes the crew accidentally dug up all the bulbs. Much to my dismay, they only seemed to have caused them to reproduce at a faster rate of growth!

The technical name for the plant is the plant is Dracunculus Vulgaris,  also known as the Voodoo Lily or Dracula Lily. (I totally get the vulgar part of the name!)

At any rate, if you happen to know any zombie brides looking for the perfect wedding bouquet, send them my way. I’ve got something that will work perfectly.

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Captain Cavedweller and I have been doing some work in our backyard. On a scale of one to ten, it’s probably about seventeen on the “disaster” scale.

We’ve been trying to kill a bunch of marauding Bermuda grass before we replant the lawn. In the meantime, I think the neighbor’s horses sprinkled thistle seeds over one fence while trees from the neighbors on the other side of us have sent up shoots everywhere.

Anyway, yesterday I was working along the fence where some unwanted cottonwood trees have sprung up. After I shared the unfolding events with CC and he finished laughing at me, he made me promise to blog about it today.

While I was digging away to remove those little trees, I felt something on my leg. I didn’t give it much thought and kept digging. Then I felt more little somethings on my leg and glanced down to find I’d disturbed an ant nest that was occupied by approximately a bajillion of the little black devils, all intent on crawling up my legs.

If any of our neighbors were watching, I’m pretty sure they got quite a show as I stomped and twisted, turned and shook. They may have assumed I was bustin’ out some party moves from the eighties or was trying to invent a new form of line dancing. But I had ants in my pants.

It put me in mind of the time I had a similar experience as a young Farm Girl. Only my excuse then was I was distracted by a cute boy. My excuse yesterday was I was distracted thinking about the shenanigans I wanted to create for the cute boy in the book I’m writing.

After rushing in the house and taking care of the problem, I went back outside armed with ant spray and saturated the whole area.

I waited awhile, went back outside and started back to work only to have the ants appear in a new location right below my feet.

Skipping the dance moves, I went right to evacuation and sent CC a text asking him to bring home some heavy duty ant killer. I returned to my office, ready to get back to work on the book with the cute boy, when I suddenly realized not all the rogue ants were accounted for. Some had cleverly escaped detection and were crawling their way upward.

The remainder of the day, every time anything touched my skin (be it my hair, the breeze, etc.) I jumped like a scalded cat. Apparently, this provided much amusement for my husband once he arrived home with the ant poison.

Lesson learned: from now on, CC gets to do all the work in the backyard if there is the slightest possibility ants might be present.

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Twenty-two years ago today, I shared vows of marriage with Captain Cavedweller.

These vows – these promises to love, honor, obey and cherish him – weren’t ones I took lightly.

In a time when it seems many people view marriage as something disposable, we made a commitment to each other we intend to honor until and with our last breath.

Lately, my thoughts have danced around what it means to me to be a wife. So here goes:

  • It means listening with an open mind.
  • It means loving unconditionally.
  • It means being willing to make sacrifices for CC – including letting him have the last gingerbread bar.
  • It means swallowing down snarky comments before they work their way from my brain out my lips because they come from a bad day or a grumpy attitude.
  • It means living in a home full of peace since both of us despise conflict.
  • It means having someone I trust completely, who can trust me, too.
  • It means laughing all the time because CC is funny and a big tease – and has a hard time being serious. And I’m okay with that.
  • It means having a big, warm, callused hand to hold mine.
  • It means a pair of broad shoulders do their best to shelter me from life’s storms and provide a place for me to rest my weary head or shed tears.
  • It means being a partner in so many aspects – from business decisions to having an accomplice in silly shenanigans.
  • It means going through each day knowing wherever CC is at- that’s where you’ll find my heart.

Life gets busy and hectic and crazy, especially this time of year. It makes me think of all the different things I am. I am a:










but one of the things that means the most to me is this: I am a wife.

Captain Cavedweller’s wife.

Some of my friends say I won the husband lottery with Captain Cavedweller. They wouldn’t be wrong.

He’s sweet and gentle, strong and funny, loving and kind, generous and caring, devoted and loyal, romantic and rugged. From the very beginning, he’s treated me like I mean the world to him and I think he knows how much he means to me.

So before I slide any further down this sappy slope, I’ll just say how blessed I am to have spent the past 22 years with Captain Cavedweller.

I love you forever and always, CC!

Your girl

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gratitude challengeI’ve fallen far behind in my weekly gratitude challenge posts so it’s catch up time!

Week 37 – something I created… I haven’t had much time for craftiness lately (although I did make something fun right before Amanda’s wedding and I’ll share that another day) but I am grateful to have a few skills when it comes to graphic design. It makes my life as a writer so, so much easier because I can create my own book covers, design brochures, flyers, bookmarks, etc.

Here’s a look at my new brochure. I really, really like it.

brochure front 10-15

Week 38 – Music I love… I love a lot of music and I’m grateful for the ability to listen to it in so many ways and places. It helps me keep focused when I write, provides entertainment while I’m in the kitchen, and makes my fingers tap on the steering wheel when I drive.

I listen to country music the most. My all-time most favorite country singer is John Michael Montgomery.

Why? I’m so glad you asked, because now I can share a sappy moment or two:

Reason #1  His song I Love the Way You Love Me debuted when Captain Cavedweller and I were dating and it quickly gained sentimental value for me.

Reason  #2 Our wedding song was I Swear. I made CC beg the local radio station to give us a copy of the song because it hadn’t yet released as a single, but they kindly let us have a copy when he explained it was for our wedding.

And for those who think I’m locked into music of a few decades ago, you’ll be glad to know I also have some favorite songs from current stars like Brett Eldredge, Justin Moore, and Chris Young.

I also like jazz, big band music, and even classical music.

The majority of the time, though, you’ll find me listening to country music.

Week 39 – My Heritage… I’m assuming this refers to ancestry bloodlines. I’ve got an interesting mix that has rendered me as an official “mutt,” so to speak. If I were a dog, I’m pretty sure I’d have two different colored eyes, floppy ears and a variety of colors in my coat. My family tree includes ancestors who were English, Irish, Scottish, German, and Native American. I’m grateful for this mix because it gives me an interest in many different nationalities and makes me feel unique.

Week 40 – My Greatest Accomplishment… I kind of hope it hasn’t happened yet – like there is some big grand endeavor I haven’t yet discovered. But for now, one of my grandest accomplishments was being able to quit my day job so I could write full time. That was made entirely possible because I have the best husband ever. I’m grateful every single day for this opportunity to pursue something I love doing so much. And I’m grateful every single day for my beloved Captain Cavedweller who encourages and supports me so completely.


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