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invite 3

The third annual Petticoat Ball is tomorrow, April 6. The fun kicks off at 10 a.m. (Pacific Time) and runs until 2 p.m. with a dozen guest authors, great giveaways, games and more!

author list

The awesome authors who will be joining in the event include:

10 a.m. – Melanie Snitker

10:20 – Kristin Holt

10:40 – Kay P. Dawson

11 a.m. – Magdalena Scott

11:20 – Kit Morgan

11:40 – Rachel Rossano

Noon –  Melinda Curtis

12:20 –  Ciara Knight

12:40 – Julie Lence

1 p.m. – Raine English

1:20 –  Kirsten Osbourne

1:40 – Caroline Lee

What a great line up! I can hardly wait.

If you are still on the fence about attending… I’ll be doing a cover reveal for the next book in the Pendleton Petticoats series.

Mystery Dally cover

Come get the scoop tomorrow and find out what this book is going to be about!

Petticoat Ball 2017 – https://www.facebook.com/events/329797340748812/


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Can forbidden love blossom amid the constraints of war?

The moment the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, life shifted for Miko Nishimura. Desperate to reach the Portland Assembly Center for Japanese Americans, she’s kicked off the bus miles from town. Every tick of the clock pushes her closer to becoming a fugitive in the land of her birth. Exhausted, she stumbles to her grandparents’ abandoned farm only to find a dying soldier sprawled across the step. Unable to leave him, she forsakes all else to keep him alive.

After crashing his plane in the Battle of the Atlantic, the doctors condemn Captain Rock Laroux to die. Determined to meet his maker beneath a blue sky at his family home, he sneaks out of the hospital. Weary and half out of his mind, he makes it as far as a produce stand he remembers from his youth. Rather than surrender to death, Rock fights a battle of the heart as he falls in love with the beautiful Japanese woman who saves his life.

A poignant, sweet romance, Garden of Her Heart proves love can bloom in unlikely places even under the most challenging circumstances.

Pre-Order Link:
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2cVw4ED

Take advantage of the 99 cent pre-order price!



“I thought I heard you calling for me,” Miko said, climbing down a ladder on the far end of the building with an arm full of berry crates.

Rock rushed to help her. By the time he threaded his way through the packed contents of the building, she was already on the floor.

“That’s quite a car,” he said, taking half the berry crates from her and motioning to the convertible.

“Thanks. I bought it when I was still gainfully employed,” she said, walking over to the car. “I fell in love with the color the first time I saw it and started saving my money to buy one. When the weather’s nice, it’s fun to drive with the top down.”

Rock gaped at her. “It’s your car?”

Miko grinned. “Is that a hint of disbelief I hear, Captain? Not only is it my car, but I know how to change the tires, check the oil, and siphon gas out of my dad’s car when my brother, Tommy, borrows it and brings it back empty.”

He laughed, setting down the crates and wiping his hands along his trousers before touching the car. “It is a beaut. What’s this color?”

“Laguna maroon. Papa calls it the luna moon mobile, but I still think it’s one of the prettiest colors out there.” Miko opened the driver’s side door and motioned for Rock to climb in.

He sank into the leather seat and inhaled the aroma as if it was the most expensive perfume.

“Like it?” Miko asked, bending down to better see his reaction to the car.

“You bet!” He settled his hands on the steering wheel, forcing his injured fingers to curl around the wheel.

“If you like the outside of the car, you’ll probably be more impressed by the eight cylinders under the hood.” Miko released the hood latch and Rock slid out to study the engine.

He whistled and smirked at Miko. “What’s a girl like you doing with a car like this?”

“Anything I want,” she said with a sassy grin. “At least it used to be that way.”

Rock sobered and closed the hood, using the hem of his T-shirt to wipe away the smudges made by his fingerprints.

“I didn’t realize you had cars here. I was trying to figure out how to catch a ride on the bus into Portland.”

“By all means, drive one of the cars wherever you need to go.” She pointed to her grandparents’ sedan. “Papa and Mother must have sold their car or it would be here, too. Granddad wouldn’t care if you take his.” She cast a taunting look his way. “Or, if you think you can handle it, you’re welcome to drive mine.”

His raised an eyebrow at her dare as he lifted the berry baskets and followed her out the door. “Is that an invitation or a challenge?”

“Maybe both.” She turned and sauntered away, casting a flirty smile at him over her shoulder.




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Bertie Cover

I’m super-excited to announce that Bertie (Pendleton Petticoats, Book 6) is now available for pre-orders! The book will release April 7.

Here’s a little bit about the story…

She needs an adventure –

He needs the warmth of her smile…

Bertie Hawkins survived a traumatic ordeal that stripped away her sunny outlook on life and left her afraid of every shadow. Terrorized and tired of reliving the past, she accepts an offer to change her situation. Although she only intends to work through the summer, the peace she finds at Nash’s Folly keeps her there every bit as much as her interest in a mysterious new ranch hand.

Desperate to escape his memories, Riley Walsh buys a run-down farm in Pendleton, Oregon. To pay for the many necessary repairs, he goes to work for his neighbor, never intending to fall in love with the effervescent girl who helps around the house.

Riley isn’t the only one enchanted with Bertie. His own crazy mule and the neighbor’s son both share his infatuation, driving him past the brink of jealousy.

A sweet romance that embraces the trials and triumphs of yesteryear, Bertie blends laugh-out-loud adventures with heartwarming moments.


What do you think? Do you like the cover?

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Since I won’t be able to keep this quiet much longer (and I really, really wanted to share it all with you), I’d like to introduce you to the fourth book in the Hardman Holidays series!


The Christmas Vow Cover

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with the way this cover turned out. What do you think?

As of yet, I don’t have a book blurb or a buy link to share… but soon!

For today, though, I can give you a little teaser (rough as it may be).

And I can tell you this about the story: Adam Guthry (Arlan’s brother, for those of you who read The Christmas Calamity – Book 3) returns to town a few weeks before Christmas for the funeral of his best friend and runs into Tia Devereux, the girl who broke his heart the summer they were both eighteen.


Adam Guthry glared across the mourners at his only sibling and vowed his brother would be the next person the community of Hardman gathered to bury.

Unaware of his wrathful stare, Arlan appeared to center his attention on the sermon Pastor Chauncy Dodd delivered over the loss of Carl Simpson.

Carl had been one of Adam’s best friends growing up. His other close childhood friend stood near his brother, dabbing at her eyes with a delicate handkerchief while holding tightly to the hand of a little boy.

The sight of Tia and her son sent relentless pain stabbing through Adam’s chest. It was no wonder he avoided coming back to his hometown in Eastern Oregon. For him, Hardman held nothing but sad memories and regret.


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Are ya’ll sitting down?

I’ve got some fun, exciting news to share with you today!

Some of you might know that I belong to a group called Sweet Romance Reads. We all write sweet romances. This year, nineteen of us went together to create…

SRR2 Xmas Final

Sweet Christmas Kisses 2!

The boxed set releases Sept. 29 with a bunch of fun and fanfare… but today we’re celebrating with a pre-release party on Facebook! It runs from noon to 10 p.m. (Eastern Time) and each of us will host a half-hour time slot. I’ll be the host from 2-2:30 p.m. (ET), so I hope you’ll at least drop by then. Most of the giveaways will stay open until tomorrow, so even if you can’t join in at a certain time, you can still get in on the drawings.

Are you wondering what book I contributed to the boxed set?

I thought you’d never ask!

The Christmas Crusade S. HatfieldIf any of you read The Coffee Girl, you probably recall Brenna’s friend Kat had quite a crush on Brock’s friend Levi.

The Christmas Crusade is their story!

Here’s the official book blurb:

Two old flames reignite with a little holiday magic.

Levi Clarke is on a crusade to create a merry Christmas for the patrons of Center for Hope community center. He’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen, even it means seeking a sponsorship from Kat Kingsley, the woman too stubborn to realize she’s still in love with him.

And just for fun… here’s a little excerpt:


Levi smirked at her as he put the truck in gear and pulled out on the street. “So, what’s the deal with that choice of attire? Are you really a One Direction groupie? Aren’t you a little old for that kind of thing?” Levi knew his teasing words would either make her laugh or irritate her. Any form of distraction was welcome.

Thankful the darkness hid the blush searing her cheeks with heat, Kat settled back into the seat. “Don’t be an idiot. If you must know the truth, I spilled hot chocolate all over my favorite blouse and my receptionist just happened to have the shirt at her desk. It was either wear this or go without.”

Levi waggled an eyebrow at her. “I wouldn’t have minded without. Is that still an option?”


What do you think?

You can pre-order the book at your favorite online retailer:

Amazon: http://indi.uno/1i9UeJv

B&N: http://indi.uno/1JsnLXM

Kobo: http://indi.uno/1ErAkUy

iTunes: http://indi.uno/1NFPAA5

Google: http://indi.uno/1Ep9cp2

And don’t forget to connect with the Authors at Sweet Romance Reads:

Website/Blog: http://SweetRomanceReads.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/SweetRomanceReads

Twitter: http://twitter.com/SweetRomanceRds

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/donnafaz/sweet-romance-reads/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/123223-sweet-romance-reads

Hope to see you at the Facebook party today!

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A fun cover reveal today from my friend J.J. DiBenedetto…

After ten books and nearly a million words, the Dream Series will be complete on October 20th. Book number ten, DREAM WEDDING, will be released, along with DREAM FRAGMENTS, a collection of short stories that fill in some of the gaps between the novels of the series.

And here is the brand new cover for DREAM WEDDING, designed by Emma Michaels (www.emmamichaels.com)

Dream Wedding4

What’s it about?

It ought to be a joyful time for Dr. Sara Alderson. Her daughter, Lizzie, is about to graduate college, and marry her longtime boyfriend. But the family’s happiness is shattered when a drunk driver seriously injures her teenage son in a hit-and-run accident.

Now, instead of planning her daughter’s wedding, Sara must fight to save her son’s life. And when she discovers who the drunk driver was – someone she thought was a colleague and a friend – she has to fight her desire for revenge. Because Sara knows she has the power to visit the driver’s dreams, and in those dreams, she holds the power of life and death.

Dream Wedding is the tenth and final book of the Dream Series

And you can pre-order it on Amazon right now!


The DREAM FRAGMENTS collection also has a brand-new cover, also designed by the wonderful Emma Michaels:

SeriesTitle_Dream Fragments_V2


You can also pre-order it on Amazon!

If you can’t wait for October 20th (and I don’t blame you if you can’t!), all nine of the previous Dream Series books are available on Amazon, as well as many other eBook retailers (visit my website to see the full list of where to buy them!). You can also check out my website (listed above), as well as Facebook and Twitter for the latest Dream Series news. Or you can click here to download a quick guide to the Dream Series and me!

You can also check out the Dream Series on Audiobook. The first seven books are currently available on Audible, and book number eight, DREAM VACATION, will be available within the next two weeks. You can hear samples from all the audiobooks at my website, too!

Thanks for sharing about your upcoming releases, J.J. So happy to share your beautiful covers and news here!

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My incredibly talented friend, Author Rachel Rossano, is joining us today to reveal the cover of her upcoming novel Honor. She is the author of sweet medieval romances that are rich with detail and wonderful, memorable characters.



The Earl of Dentin excels in his position as Securer of the Realm. But the king’s order to pluck an orphaned child from a loving home unsettles Dentin. When a dark-eyed woman challenges his honor regarding the mission, Dentin finds himself unable to justify his actions or get her out of his mind. Something about her lack of fear intrigues him.

Lady Elsa Reeve attempts to avoid the marriage of convenience her brother and mother demand of her. She understands the need to pay off her brother’s massive debt. She only wants her family to consider her wishes in the process.

As Elsa becomes further entangled in a snare of her brother’s creating, only one man defends her. But can she trust Dentin, her unlikely champion, and his motives? With a murderer on the loose, Elsa’s fate in jeopardy, and a traitor plotting against the king, Dentin finds his priorities shifting in an unexpected direction.

The book comes out Feb. 23, but you can preorder it on Amazon.

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S7IX63K

I for one can’t wait to read it. And I love the Honor cover every bit as much as I do the cover of the first book in the series, Duty.


Duty: a novel of Rhynan, had me hooked from the first line right to the last.

I seriously loved her opening lines. And it just got better and better.

The story centers around two strong, duty-bound characters.

Brielle Solarius takes her duty to her village to protect them, keep them safe from her evil cousin, Lord Wisten, to heart. She’ll do anything she can to ensure their well-being, even marry a stranger who claims to be an Earl sent to her by the king.

Tomas Dyrease, the newly made Earl of Irvaine and the village of Wisenvale, is a favorite with the king and feels a duty to do his bidding. When the king insists Tomas marry the cousin of a Lord Wisten, he obeys, even though Brielle is nothing like what he expected.

Bound to each other through their vows and sense of duty, the story will keep you turning pages to see what happens next.

Rachel did a fantastic job of making the characters come to life as well as creating settings in the story that seem vividly real. If you haven’t read any of her books before, read Duty now, so you’ll be ready for Honor next month.

Author Biography

SquareProfile2A200Rachel Rossano lives with her husband and three children in the northeastern part of the United States. Homeschooled through high school, she began writing her early teens. She didn’t become serious about pursuing a career as an author until after she had graduated from college and happily married. Then the children came.

Now she spends her days being a wife, mother, teacher, and household manager. Her evenings and free moments are devoted to her other loves, writing and book cover design. Drawing on a lifelong love of reading and history, she spends hours creating historical feeling fantasy worlds and populating them with characters who live and breathe on the page.

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