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The 4th Annual Cowboys and Christmas Party is tomorrow on Facebook. I hope to see you all there.

The fun begins at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (so that’s 11 Mountain, Noon Central, and 1 Eastern) and runs until 2 p.m.

The event kicks off my campaign to raise funds and awareness for the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund. Now through December 24, I’ll donate 10 percent of the proceeds from all my book sales to JCCF. You can find out more about JCCF and why I donate to them here.  http://tinyurl.com/readforcowboys

That’s not all…

Chasing Christmas long 1

Tomorrow is the release day for Chasing Christmas, Book 5 in the Rodeo Romance series! Yeehaw!

Dragged into a crazy publicity stunt, bull rider Chase Jarrett has no idea how he ended up with an accidental bride.

You still have time to pre-order your copy today!

I’ll also have a bunch of great authors joining me at the party. Here is the schedule:

10 a.m. – Melanie D. Snitker

10:20 – Julie Lence

10:40 – Caroline Lee

11 a.m.- Kay P. Dawson

11:20 – Kit Morgan

11:40 – Margaret Brownley

Noon – Cindy Caldwell

12:20 – Magdalena Scott

12:40 – Cissie Patterson

1 p.m. – Kathryn Albright

1:20 – Linda Broday

1:40 – Marvelous Mystery Project Authors

Great lineup, isn’t it?

teaser dove

The last time slot says Marvelous Mystery Project authors… there are twelve authors (including yours truly) who joined together for a wonderful project I think you’re going to enjoy! Some of the authors will pop by the party to give you a teaser about the project.  We’re doing a big reveal tomorrow evening on Facebook. I hope you’ll join us from 6-9 p.m. (Central Time – so it starts at 4 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Mountain, and 7 p.m. Eastern). You’ll find the party herehttps://www.facebook.com/events/542874772723241/

Surprise Project 1

I’ll also announce a super-exciting surprise project I’ve been working on since May. The big announcement and reveal will be made at the end of the party, so stick around or stop in at 2 p.m. to find out what’s coming soon!

Last, but certainly not least…

CB and CT sale

Tomorrow is the last day to download The Christmas Bargain for free and get The Christmas Token for just 99 cents! Hurry to get your copies on sale! Please let a friend know to grab copies if you’ve already enjoyed these books.

button order today

Hope to see you at the party tomorrow!


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Those of you who have waited (and waited, and waited) for the next book in the Baker City Brides series to release – take heart!

Bobbins and Boots (book 4) will release March 23!

You can pre-order your copy today for only 99 cents! (The price will increase after release day to $3.99.)



How does an act of kindness result in… marriage?

 One carefree cowboy is about to find out in this sweet historical romance!

 Born dirt-poor into a life of hardship, Allie Tillman seizes the opportunity to better her situation by answering an advertisement for a mail-order bride in the West. Upon her arrival in Baker City, Oregon, she discovers her intended is a low-down, lying thief. Determined not to marry him, she grasps at the one thing that will keep him from forcing her to be his wife — marrying another man.

Good-natured cowboy Ben Amick had no idea a simple trip into town would completely change his life. When he happens upon a mail-order bride desperate to avoid marrying her fiancé, Ben does the first thing that pops into his head and marries her. Willingly, he gives her the protection of his name and his arms, never expecting her to capture his heart.

Humorous, heartfelt, and awash in sweet romance, Bobbins and Boots captures the tender and tumultuous emotions of falling in love.

Available March 23!

Here is a little excerpt:

“Tully suggested the best way to keep Joe from marrying Miss Tillman was for her to already be married, so I did.”

Thane rocked back so hard, he had to scramble to keep from tipping off the chunk of wood. “You did what?”

“I married Miss Tillman. It all happened so fast, I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d done until I was partway home. I went to the bank, took money from my account, and left it at the jail for Tully to give Joe. I figured him punching me in the stomach and threatening to shoot me was worth five dollars. Then I got Pastor Eagan and we went to the boardinghouse. He married us. I remember signing a marriage certificate and Hattie and Edwin witnessing the ceremony, but everything else is kind of a blur.”

Thane jumped up and looked around. “Where’s your wife, Ben? What did you do with her?”

As though he finally regained his full mental faculties, Ben stood while a look of panic settled on his face. “I left her at the boardinghouse. I didn’t even think about bringing her home with me.” Ben groaned and sank back down on the stump. “I stepped in it good this time, Thane. What am I gonna do with a wife? I’m too young to be married. I don’t even have a house. I’m no better than Joe Lambery.”

Thane jerked him to his feet and shook a finger in his face. “I don’t want to ever hear you say anything like that again, Benjamin Ross Amick. You’re a good man and you’ll make a fine husband, once you get your head set back on straight. It’s too late to go back to town tonight, but first thing in the morning, you’re going to Baker City and bringing home your bride.”

“But, Thane, what am I gonna do with her? She can’t sleep in the bunkhouse, for gosh sakes.” Ben slapped his hat against his leg. “What was I thinking?”

“That there was someone who needed your help. I’ve never known you to walk away from trouble, Ben, and I’m sure this seemed like the best way to handle the situation at the time.” Thane pointed to the cabin across the ranch yard. “You and Allie can live in the cabin. It probably needs a good cleaning but you’d be welcome to use it.”

“Allie?” Ben gave Thane a confused look. Was that the name of the woman he’d married? The details remained rather unclear.

Thane offered him a pointed look. “Your wife’s name is Allie. You certainly can’t go around calling her Miss Tillman now that she’s Mrs. Amick.”

Ben looked as though he might be sick. Thane chuckled and thumped him on the back. “Come on. Eat supper with us. I don’t think you’re up to the teasing all the men will offer when they find out you’ve wed and forgot to bring home your bride.”

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