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This week’s list challenge is to name the experiences that have made you feel you are living life to the fullest.

I gave this one some thought and you you know what I discovered?

All of the experiences when I felt I was living my life to the fullest were the ones that required me stepping beyond my fear.

I love this quote… life begins where fear ends. When we let go of our fears, we truly can live life to the fullest.

A very specific example was when I decided to leave my day job to write full time. I was so scared to let go of the safety net of a steady income, of the benefits that came with my job like retirement and vacation pay and insurance.

But Captain Cavedweller told me everything would be just fine, so I took that huge leap of faith. And I remember feeling so exhilarated (and terrified) but it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It’s in those moments when I let go of my fears and do something that does scare me a little (or a lot) that I feel most alive.

I hope this week you can find one thing that makes you feel as though you are living life to the fullest and do it.

When we pursue those things that set our hearts on fire, it’s hard to feel anything but vibrantly alive.

zz fear



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imageThis week’s happiness list challenge is the list the things you want to say no to.

Boy, do I have a list…

I want to say no to:









I also want to say no to the people who:


Drain emotions

Cause trouble




Bring others down

Are selfish and cruel

So, this week, the challenge is to follow your instincts and say no to the things you don’t have the time, energy or desire to do without feeling the guilt that you said no.

I’m gonna give it a whirl. I hope you will, too!


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This week’s list challenge is to share everything you feel passionate about.

My dictionary defines passion as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate; a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire.

A few things I am passionate about, in no particular order:

*Writing – I love writing sweet romances. And it’s beyond loving what I do for a living. It’s something powerful and awesome that makes me excited to get up each day.

*Captain Cavedweller



*History (when it comes to fashion or interesting tidbits from everyday life)

What are you passionate about? What makes you excited to begin a new day?

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happy gardeners

This week’s happiness list challenge is to list the people who make you feel happy.

If I listed them by name, this list would go on and on and on.

So I’ll hit the highlights, instead:

  • Captain Cavedweller makes me ridiculously happy. He fills my heart with love and our home with laughter.
  • Family
  • Friends (including those I have yet to meet but love so dearly)
  • Readers (many of whom fall in the friends I’ve yet to meet category)
  • People who smile at strangers
  • People who show compassion
  • People who lend a hand
  • People who know how to laugh
  • People who create beauty in the world (through art, words, music, flowers, etc.)
  • People who aren’t afraid to love

Who makes you happy? Brings a smile to your face? Warms your heart?



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lilttle miss

This week’s list challenge is to share things that made you happy as a child.

There were so many things that brought me joy as a child on our family farm. Here are a few of them in no particular order:

  • Going with my dad. I loved getting to go along with him, no matter what he was doing. If I got to go irrigating with him, it usually meant I would be plied with candy.
  • Ice cream. I seriously loved ice cream (and still do!). The arrival of the Schwan’s truck was  cause for celebration.
  • Reading. I’ve always loved getting lost in a story. My mom read me bedtime stories and then, when I was old enough to read to myself, I did.
  • The county library. Generally, once a month Mom would take me to the library where I’d stock up on books for the next several weeks. They’d let me check out twelve at a time – and I generally hauled out the maximum limit each visit.
  • Horses. We always had horses on the place and I loved to watch them run and play and graze almost as much as I loved riding.
  • Dogs. I got my first dog when I was about six and it was love at first sight. Of course I played with the other farm dogs before then, but it was something different to have my very own dog.
  • Playing outside. I spent many happy hours just playing outside – whether it was a game of pretend (there were many, many of those games) to riding my bicycle and later my motorbike, I enjoyed being outside with the sun on my face and the freedom I felt in the great outdoors.
  • Baking with my mom. Rarely a day went by that Mom didn’t bake something. I learned by watching her, then by playing with my little Easy-Bake oven, then my experimenting on my own.
  • Pretty things. Even as a little girl, I loved pretty things… like dresses and flowers and beautiful dishes. Some things, I guess I’ll never outgrow.

Do you recall anything from your childhood that made you happy or brought you great joy?

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This week’s challenge is to list the ways you feel lucky.

Here’s the thing: I don’t feel lucky. I’m not a subscriber to the “luck or no luck” theory.

What I feel is blessed. So incredibly blessed.

Luck is essentially believing in a force that operates for good or ill in your life, shaping circumstances, events, opportunities, etc.

Blessings, however, are all about looking for the good in all circumstances, events, opportunities, etc. When you seek out the blessings instead of burdens, you tend to find them. And when you realize how many wonderful blessings you receive in a day, that is a pretty amazing feeling.

So here are a few ways I feel blessed today:

*I feel blessed to do something I truly love every day. Writing is a huge blessing to me.

*Captian Cavedweller is a blessing to me. The moment he walked into my life, I was so blessed.

*I am blessed with a comfortable home and life.

*I’m blessed with good health.

*I’m blessed with laughter and sweet friends who make my heart smile.

*I’m blessed to just to be able to sit here and type this list – the freedom to do so, to make my own choices and share my thoughts… a blessing.

Is there something that makes you feel blessed today? (Or lucky if you prefer.)

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list 1

Today’s happiness challenge is to list the things that happened today to bring you joy.

It’s still early here this morning as I type this, but I have plenty to feel blessed with and happy about today.

*For one thing, I’m grateful that I can get up out of bed and do something I love so much every single day.

*I’m excited the sun is trying to peek over the mountain and shine today. I love the sunshine and have missed it over the gray, dreary days of winter.

*I’m happy because Captain Cavedweller has the day off from work and we can spend today together.

*My health, my home, and the physical comforts around me are very much appreciated.

*The thought of a whole new day ahead of me gives me joy. I just hope I do a good job of writing that page in my life story today.


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