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For those of you who are interested, I thought it might be fun to share a little excerpt from Tad’s Treasure today.

Although the story is the last book in the Grandma’s Wedding Quilts series, it also is the prequel to my Baker City Brides  series. If you’ve read and enjoyed meeting the characters in those stories, you’ll get a little glimpse of Thane, Tully, Maggie, and Ian in this story!

Here is an excerpt:

Posey leaned down toward him, as though she felt the magnetic pull to be together as much as he did.

What might have happened next would remain a mystery, though. Nate grabbed Posey’s arm, jerking her and Tad back to reality.

“Mama, look!” The little boy stood and pointed to a cloud of dust rising on Main Street. The thundering sound of hooves preceded the sight of the sheriff and his two best friends racing pell-mell down the wide street.

“Looks like Tully, Maggie, and Thane are at it again,” Posey mused, settling Nate back onto the seat next to her.

“So it would seem,” Tad said, amused. “I don’t think Tully Barrett has changed much since he became the sheriff.”


Tad’s Treasure is available for 99 cents on pre-orders! The book releases Jan. 20.  http://a.co/2b97MgE

And, you can read the prequel  to Grandma’s Wedding Quilts right now for just 99 cents. http://a.co/fbaF6UC


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If you have a love of quilts and sweet romance, be sure to check out Grandma’s Wedding Quilts. The stories span several decades and cover eleven cousins, all of whom receive a special quilt from their Grandma Mary.

My contribution to the series is Tad’s Treasure (Book 12). It releases Jan. 20, but you can pre-order it now for only 99 cents! http://a.co/2b97MgE

Tad’s Treasure is also the prequel to the Baker City Brides series, so if you’ve enjoyed those stories, you’ll want to be sure to read this sweet novella.

  He never intended to fall in love with her

Tad Palmer makes a promise to his dying friend to watch over the man’s wife and child. Years later, he continues to keep an eye on Posey Jacobs and her precocious little boy. The only problem is that he’s not sure his heart can withstand the vow he made when he falls in love with the widow and her son.
Posey Jacobs misses her beloved husband, but her wrenching grief has given way to hope for the future as she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with Tad Palmer. However, the infuriating man doesn’t seem to notice her interest and treats her as he would his sister.
Throw in a goat who thinks she’s a dog, a town full of quirky characters, and this widow has her work cut out for her if she wants one handsome cowboy to give her his heart.

Also, be sure to read The Prequel to get you started in the series. That’s my octogenarian mom on the cover and the story is written by Kate Cambridge. http://a.co/fbaF6UC
Be sure to join us today for a Facebook party. There will be prizes and all sorts of fun, and you can find out more about the Grandma’s Wedding Quilts!
The party runs from 2-5 p.m. Pacific Time(3-6 p.m. MT, 4-7 p.m. CT, 5-8 p.m. ET). You’ll find me hosting from 2:30-2:45 p.m. (PT). Hope to see you there!

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Did you know you can find some of my books in audio format?

It’s true!

And I have four new ones out right now!


And guess what? Three of them are Christmas stories!


Capturing Christmas is the third audio book Luke Andreen has narrated for me. He did books 1 and 2 in the Rodeo Romance series. This one just released yesterday, so be sure to check it out!

You can find it on audible, Amazon .


Cowboy Leaning in Doorway of Barn

Talented Chris Abell narrated The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan for me! If you love the Thompson brothers, be sure to listen to him bring the characters to life in the audio version!

Available on Audible and Amazon.



Michael L. Canaan lent his versatile voice to The Christmas Bargain. He really made the story fun for me to listen to by adding little extra touches to the narration. I hope you enjoy listening to him, too!

Available on Audible and Amazon.


The awesome Michael Rahhal narrated Garden of Her Heart. He is amazing and I know you’ll love the way he brings the story and characters to life!

Available on Audible and Amazon.

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By Kristy McCaffrey

My many thanks to Shanna for letting me stop by and share my new release. I figured the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself.


I write historical western romances because, well … to be honest, I’m not sure. I was born and raised in Arizona, so it’s possible I simply ‘absorbed’ the stories hugging the buttes and hiding among the saguaro. I was never a huge fan of westerns (I’m afraid I was a Star Wars nerd) but I love grand, mythical tales and the Old West had loads of ’em.

I’ve always written, ever since I was a wee child, but I didn’t pursue writing in college. I suffer from an annoying amount of insecurity, so I studied engineering in school because I did so want to impress my dad. But the sad truth is that while I had good grades (fear of failure is a great motivator), I was a terribly un-intuitive engineer. But what am I good at? I can filter the magic of the world into tales of heroism, love, and adventure.

I have a movie log, which I started when I was ten years old. For a very long time, I had no clue why I compulsively recorded every movie I’d ever seen (and still do). But one day, the proverbial bolt of lightning hit me. It’s my collection of stories. People need narratives, and writers especially need to keep their coffers of story-bones filled in order to harness the creative well of their own work.



What is my writing process? I’m an amalgam of a plotter and pantser. I’ve written 7 novels (one is unpublished), 1 long novella, and a handful of short stories, and just when I think I’ve got a handle on my practice, I realize that I don’t. Each project dances to its own beat. (Much like my four kids—they all turned out completely different. Phoning it in as a mom never worked.)

So, how to write a book? First, I brainstorm, and anything goes. Second, I do a first pass on research to get a feel for what I can get away with (since I write historical westerns I must adhere to some of the rules of that time period). Then I write and write and write, and often it’s garbage. I will attempt to plot in an effort to make sense of the narrative but almost always abandon it. More writing, and more attempts at plotting. At this point, I hopefully have a first draft complete. My first editing pass is fairly involved. I rewrite A LOT. When that’s finished, a second editing pass is required, but that goes more quickly since I’m just picking up loose ends, bad transitions, and inconsistent characterizations. At that point, the story is pretty much at 85% and that’s close enough to send it off to the editor. There will certainly be more cleanup, with at least one deep editing pass based on the editor’s comments, along with 2-3 more proofreads. It’s generally here that I become convinced my writing is bland, the story is boring, and I’ll scream if I have to read it one more time. So, naturally, it’s time to share it with the world!



Now Available

Amazon or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

99 cents for a limited time.

Can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Molly Rose Simms departs the Arizona Territory, eager for adventure, and travels to Colorado to visit her brother. Robert left two years ago to make his fortune in the booming silver town of Creede, and now Molly Rose hopes to convince him to accompany her to San Francisco, New York City, or even Europe. But Robert is nowhere to be found. All Molly Rose finds is his partner, a mysterious man known as The Jackal.

Jake McKenna has traveled the bustling streets of Istanbul, exotic ports in China, and the deserts of Morocco. His restless desire to explore has been the only constant in his life. When his search for the elusive and mythical Bluebird mining claim lands him a new partner, he must decide how far he’ll go to protect the stunning young woman who’s clearly in over her head. A home and hearth has never been on The Jackal’s agenda, but Molly Rose Simms is about to change his world in every conceivable way.

Please note: Contains mild violence and a sensuous love scene.


McKenna’s jet-black hair curled along the collar of his shirt, and a coal-colored stubble had sprouted on his strong jawline. When he shifted his gaze to her, his eyes put her in mind of molasses. Molly chewed on her lower lip and glanced away, lest McKenna catch her staring.

Shaking off her fascination, she asked, “How did you meet Robert?”

“In a poker game.”

Molly gasped. “Robert gambles?”

McKenna chuckled. “You’ve already been to a whorehouse. If you wanted to remain innocent, you shouldn’t have come to Creede.”

Her backside stiffened. “I’m not naïve to the ways of the world.”

Another grin lit his face. Her breath caught and her heart pounded more intensely. She honestly couldn’t look away. She’d read about people who possessed a charm that swayed the masses and opened doors with merely a glance, but she’d never met such a person.

What was the word she’d come across? Charisma, that was it. In this moment, the meaning became crystal clear.

“Whatever you say, Miss Simms. Why did you come to Creede?”

“To visit my brother, of course.”

“You came by yourself all the way from Tucson?”

“My folks believed that Robert would be here to meet me.”

He nodded, his amiable demeanor slipping a bit. She took a steadying breath to quiet the knot in her stomach that never quite receded. Please be all right, Robert.

“My folks thought that Robert would look after me,” she added, her voice muffled as rain continued to pound on the roof of the cabin. “But I assure you that I can look after myself.”

“I don’t doubt that. I’m at your service, nevertheless.”

“For what?”


He held her gaze, and a frisson of awareness shot through her. She shifted her eyes to the stove. She hadn’t traveled all this way to fall for the first rugged buckaroo who crossed her path, charisma or not. She had more important things to do with her life first.

Copyright © 2016 K. McCaffrey LLC




Kristy McCaffrey has been writing since she was very young, but it wasn’t until she was a stay-at-home mom that she considered becoming published. She’s the author of several historical western romances, all set in the American southwest. She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband, two chocolate labs, and whichever of their four teenaged children happen to be in residence. She loves to travel and frequently blogs about her adventures.


Connect with Kristy

Website: http://www.kristymccaffrey.com

Blog ~ Pathwayshttp://www.kristymccaffrey.blogspot.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKristyMcCaffrey

Twitter:  https://www.twitter.com/McCaffreyKristy

Newsletter: http://kristymccaffrey.com/Newsletter.html

Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/2erVsze



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The fifth book in the Hardman Holidays series will release November 10! (Woohoo.)

The story is about Tom Grove (whom we met in The Christmas Calamity as one of the students in Alex Guthry’s class), and Lila Granger, a cousin to the Granger family who has come to Hardman for a visit.

 Holiday surprises await two lonely hearts in Hardman…

Tom Grove just needs to survive a month at home while he recovers from a work injury. How bad can it be to return to Hardman for the holiday season?  He arrives to discover his middle-aged parents acting like newlyweds, the school in need of a teacher, and the girl of his dreams already engaged.

After the loss of her parents and her fiancé abandoning her to spend a year abroad, Lila Granger needs a change of scenery. She leaves her home in New York to spend a few months with relatives in Hardman, Oregon. The idea of stepping off the train into a place that gives her a true sense of coming home never entered her mind. Neither did the notion of falling in love with a man who clearly can’t wait to get away from the small town.

The Christmas Quandary is a sweet Victorian romance, full of laughter and heartwarming moments, perfect for a holiday read.

And you can pre-order it now on Amazon!

If you’d like a little teaser, here’s an excerpt from the story:

As they stepped inside, Tom looked around the sea of young faces. His gaze rested on the beautiful dark-haired woman at the front of the room, gray eyes sparking with mischief and fun as she smiled at them.

Pain blazed across his chest with an unexpected force. He took a staggering step back, attempting to catch his breath.

Oblivious to his current inability to think straight, Arlan and Luke greeted the class.

“Good morning, students,” Luke said, his voice carrying friendly authority. “We’d like you to meet your temporary teacher. Mr. Grove will take over classes starting tomorrow until Miss Alex is well enough to return.” Luke waved his hand toward the front of the room.

Tom tried not to gape at the glorious creature standing near the blackboard smiling at them.

Luke grinned. “Tom Grove, this is my cousin, Miss Lila Granger. If you think my sister and wife can cause trouble, they don’t hold a candle to the tomfoolery this one makes without even trying.”

Tom watched as the young woman marched toward them, the train of an expensive gown the same color as her eyes swishing in the wake of her steps.

“Hello, Mr. Grove. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She stuck her hand out to him.

Awed and thoroughly addled, Tom yanked the glove off his left hand with his teeth and let it fall to the floor as he took her hand in his. Although she meant it to be a handshake, the connection of their palms felt more like a caress as he held her delicate hand in his.

Fearful of what words might spill out of his mouth if he opened it, he was surprised when he spoke in a clear voice. “The pleasure is mine, Miss Granger.”

Whoever named this womanly sprite had chosen her name well. Lila put him in mind of springtime and an array of brilliant flowers. The scent of lilacs wafted around him as she pulled back her hand and smiled at Luke. “How wonderful you’ve coerced someone else into teaching these little hooligans.”

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Corsets and Cuffs

Today seemed like a good day to share a little detail about the cover of Corsets and Cuffs.

First – a huge thank you to those who have commented on how much they like the cover and how well it goes with the story. That’s my goal for every book I publish (even if I miss the mark sometimes!).

Anyway, once I decided on the name of this book (which I had such fun choosing), I knew I wanted the cover to have a woman in handcuffs.

I found a graphic for the woman.

final dress

Only the dress was a hideous shade of brown. I thought I’d saved a copy of it to share with you, but (as luck would have it) I can’t find it this morning.

Anyway, I changed the color to blue and added a bit of lace at the neck because there wasn’t anything there.

The next thing I did was add the gloves with the handcuffs.


I actually ordered a pair of “old west handcuffs” and let me tell you… these things are heavy.

Not only are they heavy, but once they are latched on your wrist and tightened, they are mighty uncomfortable. I don’t know if Captain Cavedweller got them fastened too tight or it is just the way they are made, but the slightest movement of my wrist made them rub and pinch.

So now you know why Brianna is anxious to keep from getting them slapped back on her wrists again!

Anyway, I had CC put them on my wrists and take a photo of me with a pair of gloves. He’d purchased a pair of pretty rose-pink leather gloves for me forever ago, but due to the freakishly large size of my hands, they didn’t fit, so I’d tossed them in a box we keep of gloves.

However, they seemed like they’d be perfect to wear with the handcuffs, so I forced them on my fingers and posed for the photo.


And I look like I’m wearing a white shroud, but it’s just a white sheet. It’s easier for me to crop what I don’t want out of the photo that way, which was everything except the  gloves and cuffs.

However, after I started playing with the gloves against the dress, I didn’t like the way the pink looked and switched the color to blue. Ah… much better.

I ended up adding a link to the cuffs to get the position just right with the sleeves of the dress, but I really don’t think anyone will notice (so, shhh… don’t tattle on me!).

Once the dress was finished I started working on the background.


At first, I’d planned to use a photo I took in Shaniko of the jail museum.

But I just didn’t like the way it looked. It was too dark, too much wood… too something!


So I went with this background instead and added the sheriff’s sign.

3-D Corsets  cover

And that’s how the cover came to be!

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Pendleton Petticoats Book 6

Bertie Cover

She needs an adventure —

          He needs the warmth of her smile…

Bertie Hawkins survived a traumatic ordeal that stripped away her sunny outlook on life and left her afraid of every shadow. Terrorized and tired of reliving the past, she accepts an offer to change her situation. Although she only intends to work through the summer, the peace she finds at Nash’s Folly keeps her there every bit as much as her interest in a mysterious new ranch hand.

Desperate to escape his memories, Riley Walsh buys a run-down farm in Pendleton, Oregon. To pay for the many necessary repairs, he goes to work for his neighbor, never intending to fall in love with the effervescent girl who helps around the house.

Riley isn’t the only one enchanted with Bertie. His own crazy mule and the neighbor’s son both share his infatuation, driving him past the brink of jealousy.

A sweet romance that embraces the trials and triumphs of yesteryear, Bertie blends laugh-out-loud adventures with heartwarming moments.



goodreads badge




Meet Riley and Bertie

Bertie Promo 4


“Morning, Miss Hawkins,” Riley said, distracted by the sight of her. Sunlight danced through the pile of curls on top of her head. The golden glow of the sunrise highlighted the creamy perfection of her skin and the entirely kissable state of her pink lips. Warmth and a spark of liveliness danced in her deep blue eyes.

Rather than surrender to his irrational yearning to hold her, he worked the cinch loose on his saddle.

“I, um…” Bertie stopped a few feet away and scuffed the toe of her shoe in the dirt, stirring up little puffs of dust. “I owe you an apology, Mr. Walsh.”

Riley stopped fussing with Mud’s saddle and stared at Bertie. “For what?”

“It was completely inappropriate for me to throw eggs at you yesterday. In addition, I failed to thank you for coming to my rescue. Left to my own defenses, I might still be sitting in the pen, surrounded by demented chickens intent on inflicting harm.”

He chuckled and shook his head. “I think you would have been just fine without my help.” His eyes trailed over her from head to toe then settled on her face. “I’m sorry I laughed, Miss Hawkins. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

Bertie didn’t know what to say to his sincere apology. She could tell it was earnest by the humble look on his face and the kindness in his eyes. “You’re forgiven, this time.” Bertie smiled and held out a square of fabric to him. “Unless I’m mistaken, this belongs to you.”

As he took his neckerchief from her hand, his fingers brushed across her open palm. They both drew in a startled breath at the jolt the touch created. Bertie raised her gaze to his. Her eyes were wide and luminous as surprise and something Riley refused to acknowledge shined in their depths.


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