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5-29-17 c

I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about the ties between joy and gratitude. It seems when I’m feeling most grateful, I also feel full of joy.

And when I’m not feeling particularly thankful, joy is rather elusive.

Gratitude gives joy roots and place to grow, to flourish, to blossom and bloom.

5-29-17 b

We can find joy when we walk through a day with a grateful heart. Just being in that mindset of expressing gratitude can help is find abundant joy.


In my quest of learning joy lessons this year, I need to remember by lessons in gratitude. Because a grateful heart is where I’ll find true joy.




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At the beginning of the month, I challenged myself (and anyone interested) to a 30-day Find Joy challenge.

Today’s challenge is to play with a child like a child.  And that’s why I love the above quote so much.

Most children have such an incredible view of the world – one not marred by cynicism, failures, anxiety, anger, bitterness, jealousy, or hatred.

What if we could see the world today, experience all the wonder, joy, and amazing beauty of it by looking through child-like eyes? I think I’ll find the edges soften, the colors brighten, and my heart lighten with the joy of seeing life around me anew.


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I happened upon this graphic a few weeks ago and decided it would be the perfect challenge for April!

30 ways in 30 days to Find Joy… that’s a challenge I’m giving myself and one I hope you’ll join me in.

Each day, there is a “joyful” activity suggested. Some take just a moment, others a bit more time, but hopefully, at the end of 30 days, this challenge will amp up our joy!

Today’s is easy… Sing Loudly! Do it in the car, the shower, while you’re making dinner this evening, but give it a shot. I bet it makes you smile!

If you decide to take on this challenge, feel free to post your acceptance in the comments. I’ll be cheering you on!

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Joy Lessons Week 11


The other day I unwrapped one of my favorite dark chocolate treats and inside the wrapper it said, “Joy is contagious.”

Taken aback by this little nugget of wisdom inside my decadent candy, I stared at it for a few minutes, just thinking about how true that is.

While some people will say misery loves company, what really loves company is joy! When we are filled with joy and happiness, for the most part, we want to share that with others, to brighten their day, to give them a little piece of our inner sunshine.

I just love that thought that joy is contagious.

Contagious is defined as: tending to spread from person to person.

So… what if we each make it a point to spread a little joy this week. How many people can you infect with joy?

I’d love it if we all gave it a try. You can even come back here next week and share your results if you like.

Here’s to a week filled with contagious joy!



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Joy Lessons Week 7 &8


Last weekend, we received word that Captain Cavedweller’s grandfather had been taken to the hospital. So we dropped everything and made the three+ hour drive to see him.

We were so glad we did. What we didn’t know when we left our house was that he’d suffered a major heart attack that morning and wasn’t expected to survive for long. It was hard to to see everyone struggling to let go, even though it was best for Grandpa. He passed away about thirty minutes after we arrived.

At 88, Grandpa had lived a full life. As the family sat around, sharing memories, I learned some things about him I didn’t know. Like he enlisted right after high school and spent two years in occupied Japan following World War II.

Grief is hard. So hard. But like the quote above says, it is the price we pay for love. The more we love someone, the more we grieve their passing.

But even in the grief, there is still joy: in the the memories of a life well-lived, or family well-loved, of legacies passed down that can’t be taken away even when a loved one is no longer with us.


Even in the depths of grief, there are glimmers of hope and joy.

I’m a firm believer that even though today might be trying / hard / painful / challenging / etc… something wonderful, something joyful is waiting right around the corner.

And when we switch our mindset from dwelling in what seems like darkness and focus on the light of the joy, our spirits are lifted and our burdens lighten.

May you go forward this week with glimmers of the joy ahead shining brightly in you.

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