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Admittedly, I’m a big Marcia Lynn McClure fan.

I’ve got a few favorites from her many titles that I’ve read more than once (or twice, maybe even three times, but who’s counting?).

Untethered has recently joined that list of favorites that I’ll come back and read again and again.

Fun from the get-go, I loved the characters and storyline.

One thing that I like about the author’s stories is that the names she chooses for her characters are always interesting and far from run-of-the-mill.

In Untethered, we meet Cricket, a young woman completely fascinated by Texas Ranger Heathro Thibodaux.

Heath has seen and survived things no man should and he tends to look at the world through a slightly jaded lens.

Cricket is a breath of fresh air, sweeping into his life, stealing a kiss, and setting him on his ear. When tragedy strikes… well, I won’t spoil the story, but it is very entertaining and engaging to watch these two to life in the pages of the author’s story.
If you’re looking for a clean romance with a little kick of sass, this one is a great selection.


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take a walk with me

I love Marcia Lynn McClure’s books and Take a Walk with Me was no exception. A wonderful holiday story, this clean romance is perfect for curling up next to the fire and enjoying a few hours of getting lost in a great book.

The main character’s names were fun – especially Cozy and Jesse.

With two match-making grandparents thrown in to the mix, the story was sweet, romantic and just good old-fashioned cute.

Take a walk with McClure’s writing and enjoy a great little romance.

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The other day I was craving pumpkin (insert pie, cake, muffins, bread or any thing sweet and pumpkin flavored). This led to thoughts of fall and the desire to read a fall romance.

I found two by one of my favorite authors, Marcia Lynn McClure.

The Time of Aspen Falls   was the first one I read and I absolutely loved it. Aspen Falls is a bit of a romantic, but also a little gun shy when it comes to men. Especially men who are as drop-dead gorgeous as Rake Locker. Rake has been burned before by  getting too involved with a heartless woman and refuses to do so again, until he finds himself falling in love with sweet-tempered Aspen.

The story is fun, sweet and corny at times, but an absolute perfect read for a beautiful autumn afternoon. McClure, as always, did a great job of bringing the characters to life as well as creating settings that draw you into the story. I can’t tell you exactly why I liked it so much but a line that Rake feeds Aspen about “raking her leaves” makes me grin just thinking about it.

If you want a few hours of losing yourself in a delightful story with an autumn setting – this is it.

An Old-Fashioned Romance is the other book of McClure’s I read. I didn’t like it quite as well as The Time of Aspen Falls, but it was still a fun story. Breck has a thing for her handsome boss, Reese. She also has four friends who aren’t above plotting a little romance for Breck. When they set her up to kiss a masked man on her birthday, Breck is shocked and surprised to find when the mask is removed the man is none other than Reese.

Reese has wanted to kiss Breck for months, but was trying to maintain a professional relationship up until her friends rope him into dressing up in a costume and surprising her for her birthday. From there, the romance blossoms amid the falling leaves of fall.

The way McClure wove in pumpkins and created a fun sense of the season made it a very enjoyable read.

If you haven’t checked out her books before, take a look. They are clean romances that really make you want to… kiss your sweetie.

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I first fell in love with Marcia Lynn McClure’s wonderful writing style when our book club read A Crimson Frost.

It didn’t take much for me to jump from interested reader into huge fan.

The other day I downloaded The Fragrance of Her Name to my Kindle and I was so glad I did.

Great story and, as always with the author’s characters, you feel like you know these people and are right there beside them sharing in their adventures, sorrows and joys.

I particularly liked the characters in this story – the veteran trying to recover from his war injury, the girl trying her best to do what is right by her family. Did I mention the ghosts?

There are ghosts, fun supporting characters and everything you need for a great afternoon spent lost in a wonderful story.

Whether you like contemporary or historical romance, Marcia has get you covered. Check out her books for some delightful reading!

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It was my turn to choose a book for our book club to read a few weeks ago.

Deciding to support a fellow indie author, I went in search of someone who wrote well, had interesting tales to tell and was affordable.

I was excited beyond words to discover Marcia Lynn McClure’s books.

For our book club, I chose “A Crimson Frost.”

That turned out to be a very good decision. Her writing style is fun and lively and… clean! I so appreciated not being lambasted with foul language and tawdry scenes.  She is a very talented writer with a gift for keeping you engaged in the story while creating a sense of intimacy with the characters.

This particular book is set back in medieval days. The Scarlet Princess Monet is loved by her father and the people in their Kingdom of Karvana. Monet is prepared to serve her kingdom at no matter the personal cost to her, including marrying whomever her father decided would be strong royal alliance. The first knight of the kindom, the handsome, raven-haired Crimson Knight, was all she could want in a man, even if she could not choose him.

When war is raged against Karvana, Monet’s father charges the Crimson Knight to protect the kingdom’s most valuable possession – The Scarlet Princess.

Forced into marriage and exile, the sparks fly between the two as they fall in love.

A wonderful, engaging read, I highly recommend this book.

I plan to choose another book written by Marcia to read soon. I have a feeling I am about to become a devoted fan. She writes everything from medieval love stories to contemporary romances.

Give one of her books a try if you like reading clean fiction.

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