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The Christmas Melody long

I thought you might like to meet the characters from The Christmas Melody today!

For this story, I had the cover planned before I wrote a single word for the book. When I found the image I used on the cover, which was actually a wedding photo of a bride in a white gown, I knew it was perfect, even if she needed a different dress. (I loved the way the cover turned out, though!)

But I knew our hero was going to have longer hair. So I started looking for some inspiration and quickly decided on this guy:

Barnes 5

Ben Barnes seemed like a perfect Grayson Carter.

Ben Barnes 4

He’s handsome, has that air of mystery, and the hair… he had the perfect hair for the story!

For Claire Baker, we knew from the The Christmas Confection that she had dark hair and blue eyes, but not much else.


Violett Beane made such a perfect Claire. She’s absolutely lovely.

Violett 3

She also has a sweet appeal, just like Claire.

Violett 5

And she has a goofy, playful side –  just like Claire!

I also needed a little inspiration for Gray’s daughter, Maddie Mae.

JoJo Kushner

JoJo Kushner was definitely how I envisioned the precocious little girl.

JoJo Kushner 2

Just look at that smile. That hair! Oh, I think I want my own Maddie Mae!

The song I listened to while I wrote the book was Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs. It just seemed appropriate for the book since Claire is her own kind of beautiful crazy and Gray loves her for it!

You can find more visuals that inspired the story on my Pinterest Board

If you haven’t read the book yet, download it today!


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Capturing the Cavedweller's Heart Cover

Twenty-five years ago today, I married a boy who’d captured my heart.

He made me laugh. He filled my heart with so much joy. And I loved him to the depths of my heart.

Now, as we celebrate our anniversary, he still makes me laugh every single day. He fills my heart with more joy than it can hold. And I love him to the very depths of my soul.

When I was trying to think of a special gift to give him for our anniversary, the idea of writing a book kept trickling into my thoughts. So today, Capturing the Cavedweller’s Heart releases – to celebrate our anniversary and as a tribute to my very own Captain Cavedweller. I hope you enjoy it!

Available on Amazon

Cavedweller release

Can true love endure across the constraints of time?

 USA Today bestselling author Shanna Hatfield will capture your heart in this time-travel romance.

Archaeologist Hannah Clayton has the unique talent of clearly imagining the past as she unearths artifacts in the present. When she stumbles across a cave with a wall of hidden petroglyphs, she’s giddy with excitement. At least until a man dressed like a caveman appears out of nowhere and scares her witless.

Inexplicably drawn to the cavedweller who calls himself Thor, Hannah has to decide if he’s involved in an elaborate hoax or if he’s a walking miracle. Thor is unlike any man she’s ever encountered. From the moment they meet, she knows nothing will ever be the same.

He acts as though he adores her, makes her laugh, and fills her world with more joy than her heart can hold. But are the bonds they share strong enough to keep Thor beside her and prevent his return to the past?

A sweet romance, Capturing the Cavedweller’s Heart takes readers on a lighthearted journey sprinkled with tidbits of history and wrapped in the hope of lasting love.

3-D CDH face right.png

The thought of someone watching her freaked her out. She didn’t care if the guy was carrying out a joke or not; she wanted him gone.

“Okay, buddy. Fun’s over. Tell Sam I figured it out, but you portrayed a very convincing cavedweller.” She waggled the flashlight toward the cave tunnel that provided her only exit. “You need to leave, and I’ll get back to work.”

The man stared at her as though she’d grown a second head or was speaking in tongues. He held her gaze so long and with such power, she felt like he was trying to stare into her soul. What was it about this guy that left her completely unsettled?

His anger appeared to dissolve as his nostrils flared and his glance raked over her from the top of her ponytail to the toes of her hiking boots and up to her face again.

Something sparked in his eyes and flamed. Fear snaked through Hannah, and she took a step back. She didn’t know what thoughts were going through his mind, but she was certain she wasn’t going to like it. One thing was for certain — she refused to stick around to find out exactly what he had planned.

Slowly, with purpose, he took a step toward her, as though he stalked prey. If she wasn’t frightened half out of her mind, she might have admired the grace of his movements, almost like he was one of the big cats she’d imagined once possessed the enormous paw she’d dropped on the cloth or the one he wore against his hip.

Hannah needed the man to leave or allow her to go. Since he blocked her one means of exiting the cave, she hoped he’d get tired of the game and confess who’d sent him. If Sam was behind this, she’d make sure he understood payback was going to be a painful form of torture.

When he took another step toward her, Hannah assumed the man had no intention of leaving or letting her do so either. Her mind tripped over itself in terror of what the crazy guy might do to her. She tried to think of anything she had in her pack she could use as a weapon without actually killing the guy. She had picks, knives, and handheld shovels.

Oh, and a taser gun her brother-in-law, Jason, had given her when she’d first started going out on digs.

Desperation lent speed to Hannah’s movements as she stuffed the flashlight in her pocket, grabbed her pack, and pulled out the gun from the zippered pocket where she kept it.

“Last chance to leave me alone, mister,” she warned, holding the taser gun in front of her. “Do not come any closer.”

The man continued staring at her and took another step forward. She pointed the gun at him, grateful it came with a built-in light and laser beam.

“Aim and fire,” she said, repeating the instructions Jason had given her when he’d shown her how the gun functioned. On the off chance the garment the man wore was authentic, she aimed for his bare arm and pulled the trigger. Two dart-like electrodes flew out, attaching to the man’s impressive bicep. He shouted, whether in pain or shock, she didn’t know or care.

He appeared stunned but remained standing. Hannah pressed the stun gun component of the taser against his arm and gave him a jolt. Jason had warned her to never hold it more than five seconds on someone. She’d counted to three when the man’s body crashed to the ground.

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Wings of an Angel long

The characters for Wings of An Angel were so fun to create and write!

I wanted Drake Miller to have a sort of goofball appeal…

Drake 2

Bug Hall (from Little Rascals fame) was so perfect. I could totally see him shaping the minds of Faraday’s young students.

Bug Hall

And winning Angela Carol’s heart, too!

Drake 5

Even if she left him more than a bit perplexed at times.

For Angela, I wanted someone lovely, yet who was strong enough to weather the storms my character has endured.

angel 3

Brooke Nevin seemed like the perfect choice for Angela.

Angel 2

I could easily envision her as a woman wounded by her past, but trying to stay positive and upbeat for her son.

Angel 4

And as a great veterinarian!


Max Charles is how I envision Nick – a kid full of pluck and spunk who loves his mom and wants a dad for Christmas.

sheep 3

And we can’t forget Shep.

Dove 1

Or Jasper!

The song I listened to while I was writing the story is Tennessee Christmas by Steve Wariner, an oldie but a goodie and so perfect for Angela!

You can find more visual inspiration on the Pinterest Board!

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Boughs of Holly long

When I was trying to picture the characters for Boughs of Holly, I knew the rancher needed to be a little reserved, a little skeptical of love. And the nurse, Holly, well, she needed to be vibrant and free-spirited.

Seth 1

I thought Mike Vogel made an amazing Seth Stafford. Just that look right there so made me think of how he would react to meeting Holly.

Seth 5

And this one! I could just picture her dumping her coffee all over his coat.

Mike Vogel

Really, just so perfect for Seth’s character (and handsome, too!).

For Holly, I knew the moment I happened across this dazzling redhead, she was the best fit for the character.


Jo Newman has the ideal blend of sweetness and sass – and all that red hair!

Holly 3

It was so easy to envision the laughter and smiles she’d bring to the Stafford ranch with her warm personality.

Holly 4

And she’s just beautiful! No wonder Seth couldn’t help but fall for her!

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro  is how I imagine Sam, Seth’s grandfather. He can be a tough nut to crack, but beneath that prickly exterior is a heart of pudding. He loves his grandson and just wants what’s best for him.

hereford 2

And we have to include Ivy! This is the photo that inspired her character! Just love me some fuzzy red and white bovines!

The song I listened to while I wrote this is from Chris Young  – It Must Be Christmas. Such a great holiday song!

Boughs of Holly is available now on Amazon!

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Boughs of Holly

Boughs of Holly

The Friendly Beasts of Faraday Book 3

 Boughs of Holly (2)

He’d never met a more annoying woman. . .

She’d never met a more intriguing man

Seth Stafford loves every square inch of the ranch where his grandfather raised him. He’s built a good life there, even if it does get lonely. But he doesn’t have time for such nonsense as dating. If the crazy redheaded woman who terrorizes him when he drives into Portland for supplies is any indication of the available females, he’ll stick with tending his cattle. When his grandfather sustains an injury and requires extended care, Seth is forced to open his home to the woman. He just has to decide if he despises or loves her.

Nurse Holly Jones has never had a real home or stayed in one place for more than a year. She never wanted to, until she took a job in Portland working with the elderly. Surprisingly, she finds herself living on a remote ranch outside the small town of Faraday. There, among the cattle, horses, and cowboys, she considers all she’s been missing with her nomadic lifestyle. What would happen if she gave up her wandering ways and allowed her soul to set down roots or her heart to fall in love?

Can a cow named Ivy and a meddling grandfather nudge a reluctant couple together?

Find out in this heartwarming, sweet holiday romance, brimming with laughs and all the joy of the season.

Available on Amazon

 Boughs of Holly 2


He’d just reached for the door when it swung open. A woman, playing with her cell phone, breezed right into him. Her latte spilled all down the front of him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” The woman looked up at him with big gray eyes and freckles dotting her nose. Red curls spiraled around her face and over her shoulders like thick ribbons of coiled silk. High cheekbones and lips that seemed to naturally rest in a smile made her look both fun-loving and approachable, especially in the dark blue coat she wore with a sparkly pink scarf looped around her neck.

Lovely, she really was lovely.

Then recognition set in and Seth glowered at her. This woman was the reason he was walking in the rain in the first place. She was the ninny who’d nabbed his parking spot. “Do you pay any attention to what’s going on around you?” he snapped, aware he sounded like a jerk.

“Normally, yes. I’m so sorry,” the woman said, appearing apologetic.

Uncertain whether it was caused by the woman’s alluring voice or the moisture soaking through his clothes, Seth shivered.

“Can I pay to have your coat dry-cleaned? You might want to drop it off before the milk dries.” The woman brushed at his chest with a napkin that quickly disintegrated, leaving little fibers of white clinging to the mess soaking into his coat.

“Never mind. It’s fine. Just watch where you’re going.” He tempered his tone as he stepped aside so she could walk past him. She opened an umbrella and knocked his hat off into a puddle.

Seth fought back the urge to shout in frustration, especially when she didn’t even notice. The woman’s attention appeared glued to the screen of her phone as she tapped a message with one finger.

Angry beyond words, Seth picked up his hat and went inside the coffee shop. He washed the latte off his coat as best he could in the restroom sink then gave his hat a shake before leaving the shop without even bothering to get a coffee to drink. He jogged the rest of the way back to his pickup and barely kept his teeth from chattering as he turned the heat on high and waited for it to dry his wet shirt that now clung to his back since his coat was not only wet, but smelly.

He’d just pulled into traffic and started down the street when a little mint-green car driven by a woman with a head full of red curls whipped in front of him, making him slam the brakes as the car cut around a corner.

“That woman is a menace!” Seth muttered hostilely. “If I never see her again it will be far too soon.”

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Tidings of Joy

Have you read Tidings of Joy yet? I think it might be one of the favorite contemporary stories I’ve written. I just loved Pete the donkey and little Bacon (an adorable puppy) as well a Joy and Drew.

And I may be partially biased when it comes to Drew’s character because so much of it was based of my beloved Captain Cavedweller.

So, when I was looking for visual inspiration of the story, I needed a “face” for Drew that really fit the image I already had in my head.

Brock Harris 5

Brock Harris just happened to come really close to how I picture Drew.

Brock Harris 1

From those blue eyes and those lips to the rugged, silent-type vibe, he made such a good Drew.

Brock Harris 4

And those of you who have read the book, you’ll know what scene this image is tied to! (And you’re welcome!)

So who would make a wonderful Joy. She needed to have a warm, friendly personality. She needed to be someone who looked, well… joyful!

Joy 3.jpg

And that’s why I chose Lucy Hale. I could so easily picture her as Joy.

Joy 1

She’s just lovely and looks so sweet – exactly the girl Drew needs to draw him out of his shell.


And this fella is exactly how I picture Pete peeking around the fence, watching Drew deliver the mail.

Oh, and I have to share the song I listened to as I wrote this. It’s “Glow” by Brett Eldredge. I just pictured it as the song Drew would connect to Joy.

If you haven’t started reading this fun book yet, get your copy today!

And check out my Pinterest Board for more details about The Friendly Beasts of Faraday!

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It’s release day for Tidings of Joy, the second book in The Friendly Beasts of Faraday series. And this one is a little extra special because the hero is based on my very own Captain Cavedweller! Enjoy!

Tidings of Joy

Tidings of Joy

The Friendly Beasts of Faraday Book 2

Tidings of Joy (2)

Will a donkey, an adorable puppy, and a big-hearted man

Prove tidings of Joy last beyond the holiday season?

Quiet and unassuming, Drew Miller is more than just a mail carrier in the small town of Faraday. A typical day on his route includes fetching cats out of trees, changing flat tires, and good-naturedly enduring the pranks of the octogenarian crowd. Unexpectedly, he rescues a lovely young woman in distress. Drew’s convinced she’d never make the tiny community her permanent home, but he’s determined to give her a reason to stay.

Among the brightest, happiest memories from Joy Cooke’s childhood are the days she spent with her grandparents in Faraday. When she inherits their home with a stipulation requiring her to live there for six months, she eagerly moves to the mountain town. Then a freak snow storm leaves her at the mercy of the mail carrier, a handsome man she’s spent weeks watching out her office window. Through his steadfast care, she learns the true meaning of giving and selfless love.

Can she overcome his reserved, shy manner and claim his heart?

With the help of a donkey named Pete and a puppy named Bacon, anything is possible in this sweet Christmas romance filled with laughter and heartwarming love.

Available on Amazon

Tidings of Joy 2


Predominately brown, the dog looked like a chocolate lab had eagerly greeted a sweet-talking interloper that snuck under the fence. “What is he?” he asked, unable to hide a smile as the pup licked his fingers and pushed against his hand, wanting more attention.

“A mutt, mostly.” Miss Cooke set the mail on a wicker table by the door and scooped up the puppy, kissing his little pink nose. “His mother is a registered chocolate lab but his father, the wily rascal, was a shepherd and husky mix with who knows what else thrown in.”

Drew stood and rubbed the puppy beneath his chin, admiring his white that contrasted against the chocolate brown color of his chest. “He’s a sturdy little fellow.” His glance roved from the dog up to his owner. “Did you really name him Bacon?”

She laughed again and Drew fought the urge to lean forward and press his lips to her very kissable mouth. From a distance, Miss Cooke had appeared pretty in a generic way. Up close, however, she was captivating, stunning, and made his mouth so dry he could barely swallow. Shiny black hair fell in a sleek bob to her shoulders. Eyes the color of sweet molasses twinkled behind thick, dark lashes. A pert nose and flawless skin made him jealous of the guy named Pete.

“I can’t be blamed for the name. He had it when I adopted him. The couple that owned his mother didn’t want the puppies so they ended up at a shelter. He was the last one of the group to find a home.” She kissed the puppy on top of his head. “So now Bacon lives here and keeps us on our toes.”

“It was nice of you and your husband to take him in.” Drew continued scratching the dog beneath his chin. “Bacon seems very intelligent. He’ll be a big dog, but a smart one.”

“I agree. And it’s just me, no husband,” she said, giving him an odd look. “You’re Drew, right?”

He nodded his head then held out his hand. “Drew Miller. It’s nice to meet you in person, Miss Cooke.”

“You, too. I somehow always miss you when you drop off the mail, although Bacon and Pete usually let me know you’re here.” Miss Cooke shivered as she stood in her sock-covered feet on the porch. The wind had picked up and carried a cold bite to it.

Drew battled the desire to wrap his arms around her to ward off the chill. Unsettled by the direction of his thoughts, he moved back, away from temptation. “Pete? Do you have another dog?”

Miss Cooke took a step forward and pointed to the end of the porch where the front yard fence stretched across the lawn, blocking off the back yard. For the first time, Drew noticed a furry face with long ears peering around the corner over the fence. Apparently the stalker who gave him the creeps on more than one occasion wasn’t a human or even a dog.

“Pete is a donkey?”

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