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It’s release day for Bobbins and Boots!


Bobbins and Boots

Baker City Brides, Book 4

Bobbins and Boots cover.jpg

How does an act of kindness result in… marriage?

 One carefree cowboy is about to find out in this sweet historical romance!

 Born dirt-poor into a life of hardship, Allie Tillman seizes the opportunity to better her situation by answering an advertisement for a mail-order bride in the West. Upon her arrival in Baker City, Oregon, she discovers her intended is a low-down, lying thief. Determined not to marry him, she grasps at the one thing that will keep him from forcing her to be his wife — marrying another man.

Good-natured cowboy Ben Amick had no idea a simple trip into town would completely change his life. When he happens upon a mail-order bride desperate to avoid marrying her fiancé, Ben does the first thing that pops into his head and weds her. Willingly, he gives her the protection of his name and his arms, never expecting her to capture his heart.

Humorous, heartfelt, and awash in sweet romance, Bobbins and Boots captures the tender and tumultuous emotions of falling in love.

BB square teaser











Meet Ben and Allie


“You love me?” Tears pooled in her eyes and her lower lip quivered. She couldn’t believe this handsome, wonderful, gentle, teasing cowboy loved her. “You really love me? But, Ben, I’m nobody. I’m just…”

“The girl I love and can’t live without.” Ben stood and pulled her to her feet before wrapping his arms around her. “I love you, Alaina Maelee Amick.” He kissed one cheek then the other. “I love your freckles.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “I love the sound of your laughter.” He kissed her forehead. “I love your cute little lopsided smile.” He kissed the left corner of her mouth. “And I love your silky hair.” He pulled out the pins holding it in a bun and watched it tumble down her back and over her shoulders.

Allie sighed contentedly when Ben buried his hands in her long tresses and inhaled a deep breath, basking in her honeysuckle scent.

When he leaned back, his eyes were full of love and longing. “I love everything about you, Allie. But I also love you with all my heart.”


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Bertie Cover

Today, I thought it might be fun to share the process of creating Bertie’s cover.

Last spring, I was at my niece’s place and snapped a bunch of photos of her sweet hubby, their dogs, cows, and horses.

Then I landed upon the idea for Amanda to pose for a few potential covers for me.

So we walked out to a pasture and I started taking photos.

When I decided to write Bertie’s story, I knew this one would work perfectly.


It just needed a little tweaking. So I removed part of the fence, added more grass, and of course the bright orange irrigation dam had to disappear. I also brightened the color, just a tad.

I also gave Amanda blond hair.

I liked the color and pattern of Amanda’s shirt, so I used it as the basis for Bertie’s dress.

Bertie Cover photo

I found an online photo of a period-appropriate dress I liked and worked it into the cover, then added a wide sash to tie the shirt and skirt together. You’ll notice a mule I added in this photo, but decided it looked more like a donkey.

daisy bouquet

And I ended up using this bouquet of daisies. The others looked a little too straggly.


RileyThis is Riley.

muleAnd Steve the mule. (You’ll really like meeting him!)

title box

I added a pretty title box with Bertie’s name… and there we have it!

Bertie CoverI can’t wait to share Bertie with you April 7!

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Continuing on with an introduction of characters from the soon-to-be-released book Lacy (Pendleton Petticoats, Book 5), I thought I’d share photos of their friends. Some of you may have seen most of these before, that there are a few new ones, too!

Let’s start with the past Pendleton Petticoats characters you see again in this story…

Jennifer Morrison as Aundy

Jennifer Morrison as Aundy


Josh Turner as Garrett Nash

Josh Turner as Garrett Nash

Alan Ritchson as Kade Rawlings

Alan Ritchson as Kade Rawlings

Mila Kunis as Caterina

Mila Kunis as Caterina

Britt Robertson as Ilsa Thorsen

Britt Robertson as Ilsa Thorsen

William Levy as Tony Campanelli

William Levy as Tony Campanelli

Derek Theler as Lars Thorsen

Derek Theler as Lars Thorsen

Ruth Wilson as Marnie

Ruth Wilson as Marnie

Bruce Boxleitner as J.B. Nash

Bruce Boxleitner as J.B. Nash

Sally Fields as Nora Nash

Sally Fields as Nora Nash


Tom Wopat as Dent

Tom Wopat as Dent

Jet Li as Li Hong

Jet Li as Li Hong

Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie

In the story, Lacy has a favorite uncle, Charlie. This is a photo of Parson Motanic. He lived on the Umatilla Reservation and was one of the more successful ranchers of his time. He just looked like a great Uncle Charlie to me.

parson MatonicParson was often seen driving around Pendleton in his car with several of his children. He was very progressive in his thinking and well respected.


Uncle Charlie has a passel of girls including Daisy… (I’m not sure on the name  of this girl, but I think it is Rosa Paul.)


and Rose. They are close to their cousin Lacy. (This is Anna Kash Kash. She often posed for Moorhouse.)


RuthThis is how I envision Lacy’s sister, Ruth. This woman’s name was Jennie Peo. She was the daughter of a chief and attended the Chemawa Indian training school in Salem, Oregon. One account stated upon her return from school, she was “as graceful and stylish a young lady as you would hope to meet anywhere.”

RPhillipLast but not least is Phillip Redhawk, the man Lacy’s father insist she marry.

In the photo, the man is labeled as Young Chief, but notes suggest his name was Jim Kanine, one of the last traditional chiefs of the Walla Walla tribe. I know it’s hard to see from the photo, but he’s shirtless, wearing a best and breastplate. Some of the information I read said the eagle feathers they used in their headdresses were valued between $3-$5 each. It seemed quite impressive the way it nearly touches the ground… along with the cover on his gun.

And here’s a little teaser from when Lacy’s friends first see Phillip…


“Lacy?” Millie’s voice sounded uncertain and a little afraid as she said her name. “Lacy, I think you’ve got a visitor.”

Bertie and Susan spun around in their chairs at the same time as Lacy.

The two other girls dropped their jaws and stared at the sight of Phillip Redhawk on his horse outside the office.

From his long black braids to the tips of his beaded moccasins, he exuded warrior strength. Despite the early spring weather, he wore an open buckskin vest with no shirt. A choker made of quills encircled his neck while a breastplate of hair pipe beads hung over his bare chest. His dark pants featured elaborate beading along both legs. He wore an eagle feather in his hair and the sun at his back made him look like a bronzed statue as he sat unmoving on his Appaloosa horse.

“Oh, my stars!” Bertie whispered, squeezing Lacy’s arm.


All vintage photographs are from the Lee Moorhouse collection (Oregondigital.com)

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Earlier this week, Captain Cavedweller accompanied me on a road trip for a business meeting I had in Central Oregon.

On our way there we saw all kinds of wildlife including a wild turkey, deer and big horn sheep. (Yeah, the sheep were really exciting and visible from the freeway which meant no place to stop and take photographs).

We happened across a bunch of antelope and the driver of the vehicle may have slammed on the brakes, whipped around and drove back to where the antelope grazed by the side of the road (thank goodness there was no traffic).

antelope lrIt was definitely worth the stop to snap a few photographs. Aren’t they awesome!

cuffs lrOne of the stops on the way there included an old jail museum. These are handcuffs (for those who’ve never seen the old West style.) They are incredibly heavy and terribly uncomfortable – a good reason to stay out of trouble!

fence lrLook at the old wood of this fence (and the building behind it).

crib lrAnd there are rock cribs everywhere.

horses 1Although they don’t count as wildlife, the hotel where we stayed had a big pasture full of horses. These two were particularly friendly. The old guy on the left liked to have his head scratched, especially behind his ears.

White horseHe did stand still long enough for me to take a few fun shots.

GV Sign 1We also happened to drive through this little place called Grass Valley. Maybe you’ve heard of it? *wink*

There’s a rumor some handsome ranchers by the name of Thompson live in the fictional version of the town. There’s also a rumor the creator of said fictional version is planning to release another book in the series at the end of this year.

churchlrThis is an old abandoned church in Grass Valley.

The story ideas began whirling in my head as I snapped a few photos. I can hardly wait to get started writing Ben Morgan’s story…

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 *** Congrats to Jamie S – you are the winner of Linda’s book!***

My friend Linda Broday joins us today to talk about Gentleman’s Clubs and her new book release. Let’s give her a warm welcome!

Linda Broday Cheyenne Club For centuries men have always had places to gather that excluded women but the British made them extremely popular during the 1800s when they were reserved for the upper class.

On the American frontier, saloons fit the bill for most, but some of the higher class wanted more private, and more luxurious accommodations.

Reasons For Them:

  • Escape From Their Wives
  • Drink in Private
  • Gamble
  • Share Information about cattle, weather, prices, etc.
  • A Place to Escape Loneliness
  • A Place to Socialize

The Somerset Club in Boston and The Yale Club in New York are two of the oldest and most well-known in the United States.

But there was The Cheyenne Club in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the 1880s that provided a benchmark for elite and prestigious men’s clubs. It was a huge mansion for wealthy businessmen, politicians and prominent cattlemen.

The Cheyenne Club had private rooms for dining, smoking and reading where newspapers from across the United States were served up in addition to the latest copies of The Drover’s Journal.

It also provided six private sleeping rooms. I suppose as a refuge when men were having spats with their wives.

There were all kinds of men’s clubs. One of my friends told me about The Society for the Protection and Preservation of Male Independence in the 1800s. Too funny. Poor men to feel so threatened!


In TEXAS MAIL ORDER BRIDE that just released, Cooper Thorne along with his blood brothers Rand Sinclair and Brett Liberty form the Battle Creek Bachelors’ Club as a statement to give women notice that they have no intention of tying the knot. Ever.

Each of the blood brothers have their own reasons for evading matrimony. Cooper Thorne’s is the past horror of watching his father beat his mother to death when he was only seven years old. He knows his father’s killer blood runs in his veins and he vows to end the cycle of violence with him.

So when Delta Dandridge steps off the stagecoach with claims that he sent for her, he’s fit to be tied and promptly sets her straight. Only, she refuses to leave and that makes Cooper mad enough to spit. He finds himself running into her at every turn, reminding him of everything he’s trying to forget.

Then she organizes the women and forms the Women of Vision Club. He watches as she and her petticoat army transform the dying little town, bring in a school teacher and set up a seed library where people can get free seeds for their gardens.

Admiration forms in spite of everything and Cooper realizes that the only place he wants to be is in her arms. But a villain appears from his past to threaten everyone and everything he holds dear. Will he lose the woman who brought meaning to his life?

This story is about hope and love and finding a way to trust again.

Texas Mail Order Bride is on sale online and in bookstores everywhere in your favorite format. Here are a couple of links:

Amazon: http://amzn.com/1492602817

Barnes and Noble: http://goo.gl/2lLWmO

Check out the book trailer:

Have you ever been a member of a club or maybe wanted to be?

To celebrate the release, Linda is  giving away a copy (winner’s choice of format) of Texas Mail Order Bride to one person who leaves a comment!

LindaBroday1About Linda:

I reside in the Texas Panhandle and I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. I published my first book in 2002. I love scouring history books and the internet for little known details to add to my stories and I’ve been accused, quite unjustly I might add, of making myself a nuisance at museums and libraries. Humble roots and the love of family have become focal points of each book I write.




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