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Dally 3

Would you like to meet the characters from Dally?

Way back, when I first wrote Aundy, a photo of a young, ragged boy was my inspiration for Nikola Zorian Gandiaga, a shepherd later adopted by Aundy and Garrett Nash.


Since then, both the character in my story, and the young man in the photo have grown up.

Nik 5

Meet Logan Lerman, my inspiration for Nik.

Image result for logan lerman

Logan has a wonderfully expressive face, like I imagined Nik would have.


And a somewhat devilish smile.

Image result for logan lerman

And such beautiful eyes (just pretend they are brown for the story).

Nik 1

It was easy to picture Dally losing her heart to him.

Around the time I was writing Aundy, I happened upon a photo of an actress and knew she would be perfect for the character of Dally. I’d already picked out the name and planned for her to be Nik’s true love. Originally, I thought she’d be the only child of a rancher from Pendleton who didn’t know the first thing about being a lady.

But then I wrote Dacey and the idea of having her daughter be Dally stuck. How fun would it be for a daughter just like her to return to the ranch in Pendleton and fall in love with Nik.

Dally 2

Meet my ideal of Dally – Summer Naomi Smart.

Dally 3

I love that wild, curly auburn hair. (So perfect for Dally.)

Dally 3

The dimples are what really sold me (and the fact she’s just beautiful!)

And there you have the inspiration for Nik and Dally!

You can find many more images of what inspired me while I was writing the story on Pinterest.

Dally Cover


Available now on Amazon!


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Millie 3-d cover

I thought it would be fun to share the visual inspiration I used for the characters in Millie.

Gideon McBride and Millie Matlock are an unlikely pair. She is determined to run every last saloon out of town and Gideon owns one of the most successful saloons in Pendleton.

Yet, the attraction between them is there from the start.

He smelled like the fresh air just before a summer storm, mixed with a hint of something dark and dangerous.
That’s one of Millie’s early impressions of Gideon.

When I started writing the story, I knew Gideon would have hair that shone “like a new copper penny” mostly because the men in the Pendleton Petticoats series have black or brown hair (with the exception of Lars).

I wanted him to be devilishly handsome – so handsome that Millie couldn’t help but give him a second (and maybe a third) look.

And dimples *sigh*… I will admit I have a thing for dimples.


Liam McIntyre was ideal for Gideon’s character. Handsome, charming,

Liam 3

with a hint of rugged appeal…

Liam 2

along with dimples.

From past Pendleton Petticoats stories, we knew Millie managed the telephone office, that she was feisty and determined – but not what she looked like.

I pictured her with dark hair and a pale complexion (just because it’s such a striking contrast).

Here’s what Gideon thought about her after seeing her up close:

Eyes as pale as the winter sky gazed at him, rimmed with lashes every bit as dark as her hair, making him wonder how hard he’d have to work to bring a spark of fire to them.


Grace Phipps made such a perfect Millie.  She’s just beautiful.

grace-phipps 4

From the black hair to the pale blue eyes and incredible complexion, she’s exactly how I envisioned Millie.

Grace Phipps 3

With that smile, it’s no wonder Gideon was immediately smitten.

Although these aren’t character photos, here are a couple that inspired scenes in the story.


This photo makes me smile (and snicker) every time I see it. These women have done a bang-up job of appearing completely unapproachable in their temperance efforts. This photo provided the inspiration for a scene toward the end of the story. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know the one to which I refer.

Market Day

And here is an actual Market Day advertisement from the 1908 Pendleton newspaper. Sounds like great fun, doesn’t it?

Those of you who know I listen to music on a loop while I write, I chose a fun song that seemed rather fitting for this story…

Drunk On Your Love by Brett Eldredge

If you haven’t got your copy of Millie yet, you can find her here:



And to those who have already read her and shared your feedback – thank you so, so much!

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June 2016 Sale

This weekend only, get three books for the price of one!
AUNDY (Pendleton Petticoats, Book 1) is FREE through Sunday!
CATERINA (Pendleton Petticoats, Book 2) is on sale for 99¢ through Sunday!
MILLIE (Pendleton Petticoats, Book 7) just released! Don’t miss out on the latest Pendleton adventure!
All books are available on Amazon.

If you haven’t started reading the Pendleton Petticoats series yet, it’s a great time to start!

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Millie Cover

Only a week until  Millie (Pendleton Petticoats, Book 7) releases! Hooray!

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy another excerpt…

Millie 2

As though she’d just stepped in something vile, she backed away from him and lifted her nose in the air. “I’m well aware of who you are, Mr. McBride. Your den of debauchery will need more than a second chance to save it or you from everlasting condemnation. Good evening.”

Insulted yet intrigued, he watched her march down the sidewalk and cross the street to where the group prepared to sing in front of another saloon.

Although Gideon had seen Millie Matlock around town numerous times, observed her bully his customers, and knew exactly who she was, it was the first time he’d been close to her.

From a distance, she seemed much older and more formidable than she did only a few feet away. If memory served him correctly, she’d been the manager of the telephone office for several years, so she had to be older than her youthful appearance implied.

Average height for a woman, the plume on her dark woolen hat had slapped his cheek when she spun on her heel and stalked out the door. Porcelain skin made him want to reach out and trace his fingers along her heart-shaped face. Lips the color of luscious berries stirred his curiosity, wondering if they’d taste every bit as sweet. Rich black hair left him longing to remove her hat and hairpins and bury his hands in the thick tresses. The lingering hint of her soft floral fragrance caused him to breathe deeply, inhaling her scent and a lungful of arctic air that caused him to cough and wheeze.

“You okay, boss?” Abel asked as he stepped inside and firmly closed the door.

“Dandy,” Gideon mumbled, returning to the kitchen and setting the coffeepot back on the stove.

Abel followed, handing him the cup of rapidly cooling coffee.

Gideon accepted it and took a long drink before returning to his spot at the end of the bar while Abel helped the handful of customers who’d braved the blowing snow to drink and play cards at the Second Chance.

Thoughts of Miss Millie Matlock kept Gideon from accomplishing any work the rest of the evening. In spite of her beautiful face and proper deportment, she’d left him more rattled than if she’d screeched at him like an enraged fishwife.

Frustrated by how thoroughly she’d piqued his interest, he had no intention of getting to know her better. If the woman planned to run him out of business, she’d better think again. He’d fight her with every last ounce of his considerable strength.

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Millie Cover

I was so, so happy to finish my final proofing of Millie (Pendleton Petticoats, Book 7) this week.

Although she is available for pre-orders, the book officially releases June 9! (I can’t wait!)

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a little about the book with you.

She’s adamant about prohibition —

He’ll do anything to keep his saloon open…

A childhood traumatized by the effects of alcohol in her home left Millie Matlock convinced she doesn’t need a man in her life. No longer able to stand by and watch drunken men terrorize the women in town, Millie forms a local committee of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Little did she know the one man who could turn her head owns one of the most successful saloons in Pendleton.

Desperate to keep the WCTU from closing his saloon and the others in town, Gideon McBride agrees to a crazy plan hatched by the saloon owners. His objective is to woo the leader of the local temperance union, keeping her so distracted the committee disbands. However, he didn’t count on the beautiful, effervescent Millie working her way into his cynical heart.

And you might enjoy a little excerpt:

Millie 4

He watched as Millie sipped her hot chocolate. As soon as she lowered the cup from her mouth, he took it from her, placing his lips in the exact spot hers had been. While he tasted the rapidly cooling drink, he stared at her over the rim of the cup. His green eyes locked on hers as he handed the cup back to her. “That’s not bad, but I like a pinch of cinnamon and a dollop of whipped cream in mine.”

In a huff, she scowled at him. “I don’t recall offering to share my chocolate with you.”

“Oh, what’s one little sip between friends, Miss Matlock?” Gideon laid on his charm, smiling in such a way it did great justice to the dimples in his cheeks. Ever so slightly, he bent closer to her and lowered his voice. “Any time you like, I’d be more than happy to make you libations far more tempting than you could imagine.”

The timbre in his voice as he said “libations” nearly made Millie drop the cup in her hand. Not completely certain they were talking about beverages, her heart skittered in her chest.

Unsettled, her gaze shot to his, yet he continued to smile in an amiable, almost boyish manner, appearing innocent of any indecent implications.

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More and more of you have requested that Marnie (Book 4, Pendleton Petticoats series) end with a wedding scene instead of just the proposal.

So, for those of you who have asked (demanded, pleaded)…

Here it is… a little bonus chapter you can download and read at your leisure. I’ve also updated the Kindle file, so if you download the latest version of the book, it’s included.

I hope you enjoy it!

Marnie and Lars’ wedding

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Bertie Promo 4

I just realized I never shared a post with Bertie’s characters.

Would you like to meet them today?

Let’s start with Riley Walsh.

He’s handsome, but lean. And looks a little sad and world-weary when Bertie first sets eyes on him.

RileyI thought Logan Bartholomew was perfect for the character of Riley.

Logan BartholomewHe’s got a mixture of boyish appeal with just the right amount of rugged sadness.

Riley 5And he has a beautiful horse named Mud  who will stand out in the rain with him when he’s lost his last friend.

Mackenzie MauzyThe beautiful, bubbly MacKenzie Maury is perfect for Bertie Hawkins.

Bertie 5When the story begins, Bertie has survived a terrible tragedy that stripped away her trust in others and left her living in a constant state of fear.

Then she takes a job at Nash’s Folly and meets Riley.

Bertie 3And her heart begins to heal. From that curly hair to the lovely blue eyes, she was so, so perfect for Bertie!

NikAnother Logan (Logan Lerman) is also important in this story as the character of Nik.

I first chose Logan when I wrote Aundy.

logan_lerman_1309033416He made such an awesome orphaned shepherd boy.

But now he’s nearly grown up and will soon be a doctor.

SteveOf course, many of you have met Steve the Mule already. He gets around and likes to be in the spotlight.

Poppy2This is Aundy’s horse Poppy.

tractor aAnd Garrett’s tractor!

Find more visual inspiration I used for this story on Pinterest!

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